If I spoke my mind fully about this so-called woman, Kendall Jones…I would probably be arrested. So instead I will further make note of such a fiend like her with others and hope they share/reblog this coward with others.

With so much depressing news about the state of the planet’s health hitting our social feeds, or shown on the TV, the easy option can sometimes be to look away and ignore the problem. There is an element of helplessness to it all–this thing is just too big to stop. What changes can I really make in the grand scheme of things? If, like me, you’ve been brought up on a western life of convenience and consumerism, it can be difficult to change your mindset, to even want to acknowledge there’s anything drastically wrong with the world. The cold truth is we are in the midst of the sixth great mass extinction event on earth, and the primary driver for this is man…that’s right, you, me, your great-uncle Ralph in Connecticut. All of us.

Starting today, the Dodo Express will aim to bring you a weekly round-up of good news…

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