A Grim Fairy Tale

Because animals deserve Happy Endings too! I ask you (parent(s), adults -those of whom are still young at heart) to take a moment and share this story with your family and friends.

by Anita M Kulkarni Nabonne

Gather round to hear a gruesome horror story unfolding right before our eyes. Are you sitting comfortably? Then I will begin.

rev Strip 1

Planet earth came to be as a small dot in this vast universe, and over billions of years it evolved; designing and redesigning, touching up and choreographing until it became a genius creation of a master crafter called Nature. She provided so many diverse stages and platforms rich enough to sustain multitudinous species. The strengths and weaknesses of the players and their audience determined the success of each individual production – the strongest survived and the weaker had to adapt or die.

rev strip 2  4 squares

Each story’s stage was a self-sustainable ecosystem, linked to the others in some way, and one broken link in the chain is all it would take… and maybe huge, grim, species of monsters.

rev strip 3

These monsters are diverse: invertebrates with lifeless black eyes…

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