A One Syllable Poem

Pale mime,
why so sad?

you were a bat
soared to the moon,

you were an owl
zoomed through the clouds.

Pale mime,
why so sad?

Come stand with me,
we will dance on fast train rails,

we will wade in mucked swamps,
have tea with the crocs.

Come my sad friend
we will mime walk to the stars,

we will pull Mars from
the whisked troupe,

we will be doves
and fly down to earth –

the damp clouds will jive
and be our dance pals,

we will bop and hop,
we will glide then sway,

we will pop-up and up
shake our heads, down crowns

and swim right to the deep end
of the sea and steal all the pearls.

I see that made you smile, mime,
you need not hide it from me, friend.

But, if you like, my glad chap
we can just walk and walk and walk.


6 thoughts on “SAD MIME

  1. Anita and Noblethemes, thank you both for reading and commenting on my spontaneous creation. Unique’? Most definitely. I try and share, spread my grooviness around in all forms and formats, especially with my poetries. Again, thank you so much for the read and comments.

    To those who also enjoy and like’ my posting, thank you, thank, you. Your positive encouragements continue to inspire myself further into what seems an endless realm of Writing and Creativity. 😉


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