Neptune’s wife warring
Like tectonics plates shifting
Breathtaking carnage


4 thoughts on “LET THERE BE WAR

  1. Hi Dorna, I looked for a poem with no comments you can delete this when you read it if you want to.

    I take your comments out of spam every night, last night 7 to-night 10, I think its because you comment to much, do you comment on other blogs other than poets corner.

    I don’t want you to stop, that’s the thing, hope you don’t mind me saying this.

    I’m going to the forum to see if someone comments to much are they looked at as a spammer.


    1. Hello Harry, I think the problem may be from the fact that i just receive emails from the persons’ blog themselves and I read/comment from there. I haven’t gone directly to PC to read then comment. This might be the issue. If I need to directly go to PC then I shall definitely start doing so. And I will try and post more of my poetry also directly to PC as I attempted with my haiku. 😉 Thank You again for this update. I know that I definitely want, need to be more directly involved with PC, so now I shall take the more direct approach and visit the site/blog at poetrycorner.com. 🙂


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