He pushed up on his toes and grabbed her face in his hands. ‘You’ve betrayed me.’

‘You cannot deny me,’ she growled, pushing him against the wall.

He pulled back, shoving them both through the door.

She raked her nails against his jersey, down his jeans. His breath sputtering out as she palmed his growing erection.

10 thoughts on “IN THIS MOMENT

    1. Qaiser, Thank You for saying so. With all the passionate words, poetry that you’ve created and shared with the world, this is quite the compliment of one of many, I hope mad, mad thoughts. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Michael, yes, it should be ‘his. And thank you for the read and comment. Obviously, I’m trying something new; not quite poetry, but not a traditionally told story either. 😉


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