He cupped the nape of her slender neck, held her still while he bore his mouth down on hers for a kiss that always seared down to his toes.

Before he could pull himself away, she forced herself up onto her toes, her breasts pressing against his chest, his arms wound around her waist, his fingers slid down nearly contacting her ass.

He pulled away, leading her to the back door. ‘Leave at once! You cannot remain here in my home!’

‘If it pleases you, my husband.’ She passed him, a breath away from his lips on her way out. Her cascade of raven hair swayed seductively with each step.


He pushed up on his toes and grabbed her face in his hands. ‘You’ve betrayed me.’

‘You cannot deny me,’ she growled, pushing him against the wall.

He pulled back, shoving them both through the door.

She raked her nails against his jersey, down his jeans. His breath sputtering out as she palmed his growing erection.