From my view through the sheer curtains, I could see her. I could see into Lais’s master bedroom and watch her with her current lover. Pitiful am I, but nothing; no other man was going to keep me from her.

And so I stood out here in the freezing rain watching the bouquet of white pillar candles burn as they gave her room a soft glow.

Lais sat at the edge of her bed perched as a naked goddess. Her nightly lover sat obediently at her feet. He awaited her command to kiss, to feel, to touch her in any manner that she allowed.

Lais nodded her head a crease appearing in her cheeks, she smiled giving consent. This lanky fucker who sat on bent knees brushed his nipples against her naked toes making her shiver. He was too young this schmuck with his pale blonde hair smiling, crawling up her long legs giving feather-light kisses to her thighs.



      1. November is National Novel Writing Month, or NanoWriMo. 1666 words a day to complete a 50K word first draft. I have four half done novels from the years I participated. On the fence for this year.
        Nice little stories, Dorna.


      2. Oh wow! Sounds lovely, but not for me.

        It take me almost forever’, 😀 to write when I’m creating in the here and now.

        I shall keep this opportunity, experience in mind, and work with what comes to me presently. 🙂

        Glad that you and others are enjoying my little something, somethings. 😉

        Liked by 1 person

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