Surrendered to your song
I drag myself from the shores
knowing full well my destiny;
lured by a fierce creature
of blood and war,
enticed by the beguiling
maiden of the salty seas
I drag myself from the shores
sing, sing me your song
lull me to sleep
let me dream as I lay
my head against your
glistening bosom
hearing not the rhythm
of your vacant heart,
rather the steady
churning of tides
sing, sing to me
mistress of Poseidon,
my night siren
this hollow shell shall settle
itself, a mere grain of sand
upon the ocean’s floor


16 thoughts on “I AM COMING HOME

    1. Thank You Chica. This poem was inspired by some long forgotten romance story that I read and inspired this 2/3am creation…

      I do hope more tall tells like this and others continue pouring forth -though maybe not around such a delirious hour(s) after reading most of my days. πŸ˜‰

      Liked by 1 person

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