The Selfish Giant’s Garden

Such an awesome, awesome story, I wanted to share with my followers this Great Saga. Re blog and share with your family and friends. Truly, it is such a fantastic story.

writing in north norfolk

They visited every day
For the grass, starry flowers
And space to play for hours.
In spring, peach trees burst into blossom
And the happy children feasted on fruit all autumn.
After a seven year visit with a Cornish ogre,
Summer saw the return of the owner,
A selfish giant who scared them away
With his gruff voice and a sign that said:
‘Trespassers will be prosecuted’.

He built around his garden a lofty wall
And the children had nowhere to play at all.
Without their happy voices the garden went to sleep.
In spring, when birds were nesting and flowers began to creep,
It was winter in the selfish giant’s garden,
Where the shivering peach trees forgot to blossom,
The lawn was covered in a blanket of snow
And all year round the North Wind blew.
The selfish giant couldn’t understand
Why the winter weather remained.

One morning as…

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