Snowbirds conferring
Approaching from dark shadows
Eyeing twisting trail

For #Haiku Horizon’s prompt: Trails. Other entries here.


11 thoughts on “O HAPPY DAY – HAIKU HORIZONS

    1. Honestly Michael, I am not certain of the proper spelling of any word(s) any more. Word and or Grammarly sometimes selects word(s) then they completely dismiss others. Thank You for the catch. And of course, I am elated once more that you have found some enjoyment in yet another of one my spontaneous writings. (@–>–)

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      1. Yes, love the piece. I am so grateful when anyone points out spelling or other issues, a syllable missing in a line of haiku, whatever. So I assume others want to know. We’re not doing brain surgery here and tech can work against us at times. Autocorrect is my nemesis and the bane of my writing. Doesn’t help that I write way too much on my phone with my fat fingers.
        Have a.great ady, Dorna


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