I am tired, and I am happy. I am achy and suffering my daily dose of some undetermined headache (no surprise there), and still, I am functioning, just barely. So sit with me for a moment or two my dear follower(s) and take a ride with me on today’s Delirium Train.

2:22 pm Eastern Standard Time -Decided to establish a new category tad-da titled Daily Dribble of Delirium.

2:24 pm -A question of self, How much longer can I afford (personally) of myself to live here across from these habitual Potheads aka Functioning Stoners aka Shrieking Shrikes of Shits -with all their incessant bickering, brawling, and batterings?

2:27 pm -Answer. I have survived nearly five years here with these bottom-feeding dwellers, what is another day?

A concluding thought for January 29, 2017.

Saucy strumpet
strutting in sensuous silks
scatters snippets of Sherman Sticks
to her selfish, squabbling serfs.

*Sherman stick Crack cocaine combined with marijuana in a blunt.


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