A reminder from the Potheads next door, more importantly from Miss Strumpets’ minion Potti A and or Potti B. One could call her small, younger carbon copies her children, but you dare not to say, nay remind Miss Strumpet’s cigarette-stained, strained sagging personage of fact(s). Rather she refers to them as she does so frequently, eloquently with her words – her little bastards, bitches, the occasional sniveling little brat(s). Depends really on the time of day and or which weekday you catch Miss Strumpet when she is not in one of her questionable moods.

The Timeless Reminder Dear Follower(s) -Not every gift or any token (financial mostly) from a friend you made some eons ago is a lifelong (free) guarantee. So-called old friend(s) will want their gift or monies returned/refunded once Miss Strumpet has decided to close her legs to the long-distant friend.

A state onsight example of such a returned gift. A few weeks ago, that’s right, just a few weeks ago, Miss Strumpet’s gifted vehicle was reclaimed by said long-distant friend and or by his family. Mayhaps it was the family of said long-distant friend; the loud and uproarious squabble leaves out much detail with the repossession facts. Miss Strumpet’s friend from the North was, is a bit old in the tooth’, if you get my meaning. And why the hell not get your Benefit returned when the other friend is no longer exchanging her goods for his gift? Said long-distant friend and or his family from the North was, after all, paying the Car Note and Insurance. Only responsibilities Miss Strumpet had to address were Maintenance and Gas.

Now how does Miss Strumpet manage her daily usage of said vehicle, with no long-term and or short-term employment? A hint reader(s), Miss Strumpet bullies her grown children verbally. When that old trick does not work, Miss Strumpet carries on and on about her younger days when she was young and free and had no responsibilities of taking care of her demanding little brats. Talk about sad, sad guilt trip that no wants to hear let alone be reminded of continuously. So, of course, the ungrateful little brats fork over what little monies they have just to keep Miss Strumpet happy and out of their home.

A few concluding thoughts and or phrases for January 31, 2017…

Friends With Benefits -Alas, it seems the rage these days. But One must remember to be within short, regular commute to exchange these so-called Benefits, or else it may not be qualified as FWB. Our so-called, well-established lawmakers may call it something else.

Solicitation -self-explanatory.

Prostitution -again, such word, meaning is self-explanatory.


3 thoughts on “DELIRIOUS RUCKUS

  1. So, what you’re saying is, my FWB had a perfect right to take away my car and my yacht, and throw me out of the fancy apartment? Maybe I shouldn’t have blown up his mansion when he was having a family party, after all… 🙂
    Your neighbour sounds… interesting. I’ll re-phrase; your neighbour sounds horrible.


    1. lol – 🌹 I can only say that my neighbors are a truly inspiring, cautionary tale of What Not and Oh My God..
      As for your therapeutic blowup, did you find any peace for yourself or learn more of yourself after?

      Liked by 1 person

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