When fighting reader(s) do you remember to close and lock your doors. Or are you one of those who cares not for the privacy of self and shares with the world, closest neighbors your whole daily, hourly, life issues. Perhaps you are one of those people that squabble spontaneously and nothing matters but the win of the argument. Either way, I say have some common decency and some respect not only for yourself but for others around you and close the front door at least. No one else in the world is going to give a damn about your problems. They have issues of their own to deal with and maybe, most likely, hopefully, want to keep to themselves. Of course, there are those eavesdroppers that will take a moment in listening to your daily trite, possibly even comparing your hell to theirs and saying thank god, that is not me, us. But at the end of the day, honestly, man keep your shit to yourself and among those three other jackals living with you in your one bedroom apartment.

A Quiet Moment of Reflection…

VOICES CARRY -So Close Your Bloody Windows and Shut Your Front Door!

Lovers abandon words
Fiery looks translate cold truths
Without loud remarks


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