She said, ‘UTI?
And I questioned, ‘UTI?!
And I questioned further, ‘Are you going to UTI?
No.’ She growled at me.
Oh! Well, then who? I said. Followed by, ‘Certainly not the baby-daddy?!
And she responded, ‘Ah. No. No! Now listen to me and keep your voice down. I do not want the other neighbors to know. Shh. I have a UTI.
I smiled and sat myself down on the sofa willing to listen to the whole story.

And so dear reader(s) of course this is just a general dramatization of a conversation I had a very long, long time ago with said minion of Miss Strumpet. It was Miss Potti B.

We shall say that Miss Potti A works in the health profession and has some consideration, some high questionable, somewhat unrealistic standard of living and for cleanliness. But that and those issues are for another Delirious Day on the Delirium Train. The younger sibling, Miss Potti B -ah, not so much. Miss Potti B has only her spurts of cleanliness and will be ‘damned if she is left to clean house all day, every day while baby-daddy does shit.

Mind of you that said baby-daddy does work in a factory from the wee hours of 5 am til 3 pm. And of course, you can count on for later further dribbles, hits, trips on his daily work adventures.

Now what was my point?! Oh, right! UTI.

UTI. I am not talking about some high-standard American Universal Technical Institute or some French Polynesia University institute. No! Alas, dear reader(s) I am speaking about UTI as in, Miss Potti B took nearly two weeks before seriously addressing her Urinary Tract Infection.

If Miss Strumpet and or one of her little minions should ever leave the US for any travel reason of, to travel, it would certainly not be for the enrichment of themselves. I can say with a 98% guarantee that those little bastards would be and or have found some way to make money illegally in some foreign country.

We live in Michigan. Do the geography (math) reader(s.) Canada to the North and or Mexico to the South.

Returning to the situation of the undiagnosed and untreated UTI. Right, it took nearly two weeks of over the counter drugs -ineffective as they were and smoking God only knows how much more weed -to finally realize, Yes, Miss Potti B needed to seek medical attention for her painful piss’ and severe stomach pains. I shit you not reader(s), nearly two weeks of unnecessary pain and suffering and smoking to finally realize that Miss Mary Jane could not help her with this medical issue.

Miss Strumpet, a former employee of the Health Field, advised ‘Stupid to visit the hospital.

Miss Potti A, a current employee also of the Health Field also gave the same advice, ‘You dummy, go to the hospital.’

Finally, Miss Potti B visited the hospital and was treated for her UTI. Pain meds and antibiotics were given with an IV infusion of other fluids. ‘Cause baby-mama is so untrusting of said baby-daddy, you can guess damn right that Miss Strumpet and Miss Potti A were doing babysitting duties while baby-daddy was at home crying about, ‘where’s my dinner? What’s for dinner? Who’s going to wash my clothes for work? Do you really need to be in the hospital for this? I shit you not reader(s) these were his exact words right out of his crying mouth.

A few concluding thoughts and or phrases for February 02, 2017…

UTI -Urinary Tract Infection. And not some Technical University where any one of these Potheads would qualify for admittance.

UTI -are atrocious and left untreated, no matter the amount of weed smoked, can lead to death.

Keep in mind reader(s) that we are speaking about a young couple in their early twenties then and are now in the late twenties, but seriously no matter the age after eighteen, one should not wait too long to seek any medical attention when pissing blood, no? Yes?

POT is not the cure all to everything!


Miss Strumpet lives with her, correction as of early, perhaps mid-December 2017, Miss Strumpet has been living with her younger minion, Miss Potti B in her one bedroom apartment. So that is three adults and one baby residing in a one-bedroom apartment.

Miss Strumpet before her sudden arrival at Miss Potti B’s was living with her eldest Miss Potti A and her longtime lover of about six years.

There are rumors; I can not offer any proof of any kind that Miss Strumpet has signed over her home to Miss Potti A. But I have been informed by Miss Potti A, Missy Potti B and by Miss Strumpet herself, numerous times over that her eldest and her lover have been paying the lot rent and for all other utilities for a very long, long time. Including giving Miss Strumpet gas money when she cries for it.


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