Where are my manners, reader(s)? It has been four days, and I have yet to offer you any refreshments and or some sort of sweet treat.

Well, let me reassure you, I have treats. This proud conductor knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a gal, who knows another guy that can you a good deal’ if you know what mean. 😉 😉

What would you like reader(s)? Just for today, I can offer you a 16oz bag of pharmaceutical grade, Mary Jane? I do not hold a Marijuana Medical Card, but I know a guy who knows another guy, possibly a gal who knows someone with such said Card willing to give a little of his medical dosage, for some quick cash. I mean so what if this act of sharing and or trading, possibly even selling said Medical Marijuana maybe illegal. As long as the patient can pass his bi-monthly drug test and show that he is indeed still using said legalized drug -what’s a little side business on the sly?

Amazing is it not? In this country for all the fighting, the war on Drugs -we can now procure a Medical Prescription Card for Marijuana? Cocaine and Meth and or some of the other heavier drugs, legal status questioned and or is currently under question too, can be acquired through a legal medical prescription. This conductor digresses, and I am rolling off the track sort of speak.

Now, what would you like reader(s)? Shall I call my friend’ who can certainly make a call or less than a dozen to their friends’ and get you a ‘little something, something. Perhaps a bag of blow? Perhaps I can have the on board chef bake you a batch of his special brownies’? For a bargain deal of half a dozen brownies for $100?

That is a really good deal, reader(s), or so that I have been informed.

Mayhaps I could persuade you to try a freshly rolled Dust Blunt. I can assure you reader(s) there were no dust bunnies or dust mites injured and or maimed while this sweet beauty was constructed.

It is Friday after all, so why not try a Fry Stick’ or two. And of course, only here on the Delirium Train do we offer the highest of the quality of sweets, just for you reader(s).

While you are rolling over in your head the cost of said offered treats, reader(s), may I also take a moment and show you our silver tray of Gold Products. Oh yes! Just for today’s ride,’ I can offer you reader(s) a bargain deal of $50 for 3 rolled Gold Leafs’. Also, we have Gold Stars’.

A concluding thought for February 03, 2017…

The Potheads, these idiots across the way are total tools. They do not even stop to think about what they are saying most times. Still, they are cautious enough not to use Names -too specifically. Also, how convenient is it that not One, but Two, that’s right Two of their drug dealers aka friends’ live less than hundred feet from their apartment. This little fact I can assure you has the jackals running every weekend, most happily to their friendly neighborhood dealer. Apparently, said apartments does not do a thorough background check even though one must shell out $35 for said application/process fee. There is at least one formerly convicted Murderer living here and the questionable three, possibly four Child Sex Offenders here living with their mothers.

Dust Blunt is Marijuana/PCP combination.
Gold Star is Marijuana.
Golden Leaf is also Marijuana of very high-quality.
Fry Sticks is another term for Marijuana cigarettes dipped in embalming fluid, sometimes also laced with PCP. (Yum, Yum, give me none. Really and No Thank You! I could not possibly stomach that shit myself.)


4 thoughts on “DELICIOUS OFFER(S)

  1. I have long contended that the ‘war on drugs’ was actually a war FOR drugs — evident in the fact that the U.S. now has more drugs (legal and illegal) available to more people than ever before. Many industries, including the United States government, profit greatly from the drug trade. The goal of the current pharmaceutical industry is to make everyone dependent on drugs. Enter Brave New World. Soma, anyone?? But we can overcome it by being aware. Great piece!


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