A common practice and or understanding that any idiot understands –Supply And Demand. Mind you of course that not all Potheads are complete dysfunctioning tools. Oh no, there are apparently in this world of ours high functioning alcoholics too. There are alas, just a selected few that make the many more steadily functioning tokers useless or pathetic.

If you have no money, neither the pharmacy and or pharmaceutical company will care for your tears and woes -You want and or need some antibiotic or prescribed medication -then You will damn well pay for it!

So what was today’s lesson(s) learned from the experience of said neighbor, Miss Potti B? Til this day, she cries, bitches and accuses baby-daddy of the cause of her Yeast Infections, UTI and other things’ said baby-daddy gave, exposed her to when at some point he was astray from home. Can you believe that shit! Baby-daddy ran away from home for a short time then returned!? I mean what the fried eggs and burnt toast! Of course, baby-daddy returned and Stupid’ let him return home. By then she had found out that she was going to be a Mommy. There were some undisclosed stiff penalties as to the punishment of his leaving, alas reader(s), Miss Potti B did not tell me particularly what punishments baby-daddy receives and to this today still endures.

Miss Potti B is by no means Stupid’ as Miss Strumpet would imply. Oh no! Reader(s) I can say with a smirk, and a confident wink said baby-daddy neither receives or gives good head’ to this day! Not that this matters, apparently said baby-daddy is such a dullard or stud, make your decision here. Said baby-daddy can however when warranted, correction reader(s) when said occasion arises, said baby-daddy can drop his pants, shove his dick’ in Miss Potti B and still satisfy without any interruption of her nightly shows. I pull your chain not reader(s), her words, not mine.

Sex?! Please. Brain-eating, roaming Zombies come first. Aye!

Right so now we return to Supply and Demand, the Pharmaceutical Companies nor the doctor(s) will care for your dribble. They certain did not give a dam about Pothead’s financial woes as she related it to them about and asked about Payment Plan for treatment(s). The medical employees have seen, heard and dealt with all kinds among the pleading masses looking for treatment. And no matter the medical issue(s), the doctors only need to diagnosis and treat -they get paid no matter how long you have to await their attention. These highly trained medical experts know that you are going to find a way and means to pay for their treatment. How you procure such monies whether it be through legal and or illegal means, they do not care! They get their check after working their grueling 8 hour daily shifts, every week and or two weeks depending upon one’s medical position or so I have been informed.

Again, reader(s) I do apologize for the blatant repetition, but once again, these Potheads and or any other drug addict simply forget the rules, laws concerning Supply And Demand. In my experience as of Witness, I can say without any doubt and am confident that other survivors of Addicts can attest -those bastards only care for themselves and their next high. Forgetting, of course, they may have children to attend and love. Pushing away a family that had and perhaps still love them still in this time of darkness. And their friends’, well let us hope that their real friends’ wised up and walked away before they were consumed by the greediness of the one(s) they now call an Addict.

A few concluding thoughts and or phrases for February 03, 2017…

Supply And Demand The amount of a commodity, product, or service available and the desire of buyers for it, considered as factors regulating its price.

Toker Someone who smokes pot, marijuana, Mary Janes.

Addict A person who is addicted to a particular substance, typically an illegal drug.


2 thoughts on “DELIRIOUS FACTS

  1. You got smiling with this! Wow, you really have a way with words Dorna!!! And you’re so right about those medics and pharmaceuticals – they’ll never care one bit. It’s all “give us your money” always with a smile, of course! 😉


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