If either Baby-daddy and or Miss Potti B could be bothered, they should try and enjoy themsleves, young baby included in all the beauties that nature has to provide. Rather these fools are stowed away in their dark little unit blocking out any form of sunlight. Their child will be raised and educated by Cable Television as they were by their parents. And look how well they have turned out to be. Again, this Witness digresses. Returning to my point -While Desperate and Stupid are destroying their home’ tossing cushions and rearranging the bedroom, dining area looking for any left over Marijuana residue and or burnt down joint. I mean said baby-daddy has been known to ask, if ‘he could lick up the bong residue, he was in desperate need of relief from his demanding work week and is still desperate til this day looking for relief aka high from his demanding life.


Be more than the bloodhound on the hunt
Wasting efforts on lost Woola Blunt
Surrender the green roach
Sudden death does approach
Spend time with your family on lakefront

A few concluding thoughts for February 05, 2017…

It is apparently Super Bowl Sunday. Aye!? Truly, I could give two figs for this fact. 

A Limerick is a rhymed humorous, nonsense poem of five lines. Rhyming scheme of: a-a-b-b-a and then the syllable structure is: 9-9-6-6-9.

Witness Is a person who sees an event, typically a crime or accident, take place. Or as it in my situation, your most humble conductor about the Delirium Train.

If you did not know and I myself included did not know this little ditty. A Woola Blunt is merely another term for Marijuana combined with Heroin, rolled into a singular, but very pricey joint.

Bong Is a pipe used to smoke Marijuana and or other illegal substances.



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