Dear reader(s) I sh*t you not. As I am typing this bit Stupid’ and Desperate’ are at each others’ throat once more. So allow me a moment or two to set the scene for you so that you can have a better understanding of the situation as it is falling out.

Desperate has just returned from another long grueling day at work. Stupid aka Miss Potti B is on her way out the door to her part-time job. Oh, by the way, did I mention that finally after three years of denial by the State to offer any financial assistance, Miss Potti B found herself a j.o.b. And it is entirely legal!

The Fast Food industry will hire anyone -as long as they can pass a Drug Test(s).

Desperate with his daily soiled work hat and jacket in hands has just strolled through the door. Mind you of course that the door is still open.

Desperate: What’s for dinner?
Stupid: Seriously?
Desperate: What!?
Stupid: Can you not see that I’m leaving for work!?
Desperate: Oh.
Miss Strumpet with little babe in arms is just standing there. Or at least she was when I just passed through the front door of the whole apartment building to take out some garbage.
Stupid: Well?!
Desperate: I’m hungry.
Stupid: And I need to work!
Desperate: I just came home, and I’m hungry.
Stupid: Then fix something! Christ!
Desperate: I’ve worked all day.
Stupid: I’m leaving, fucker!
Stupid: Asshole!
Miss Strumpet mumbles softly. And of course, the 36 inch television is blaring with whatever sh*t from Nickelodeon channel.

On any other given day, well at least for the past year and a half, this has been the dialogue between Stupid’ aka Miss Potti B and Desperate’ aka Baby-daddy about work and food.

Alas, reader(s) this is the end. I can hear nothing more. The front door is closed since Desperate slammed it shut. Now in the past as an Eye Witness, I can account for the following…

1. Miss Strumpet never offers to cook for her family. Whether she was living with her eldest or now while she is living her with her youngest. Cooking?! Please!? She’s off smoking her cigarettes or (still) drinking her daily coffee from McDonald’s. Paid for of course by Miss Potti B.

2. Desperate when denied a home cooked meal, calls in his weekly order for Pizza. God forbid that he should try and make something for himself. I mean literally, while in the hospital, while Miss Potti B was being treated for her UTI, Baby-daddy called her and asked, ‘Do I really have to use two cups of water to boil noodles for Mac n’Cheese?’

3. While these weekly battles of Dinner and Work, Miss Strumpet is careful to place herself in silence, holding little grandchild and or wiping down the counters or straightening something. Miss Strumpet is doing anything that does not draw attention to her third party presence there. All day since her spontaneous arrival of early December 2016, Miss Strumpet has been doing very little of anything. And she’s certainly now about to offer to lend a hand in keeping the home clean. Watch her little grandson while smoking her cigs? Yes! Doll up her sagging face with products of her youngest child uses to keep up her young appearance? Ah, hello? Yes! Crimp and sculpt her fried out hair with again her youngest child’s hair products? You bet your last dollar, she absolutely would and has! Miss Strumpet can cook and or bake just about anything. She has always provided food on the table for her babies since she was knocked up around age 15. But why the hell would she be in the kitchen now? Her little bastards are grown, ‘Baby, you’re grown, why the f*ck would I cook for you now?’ is Miss Strumpet’s usual reply.

Do not fret reader(s), if it becomes necessary before there is another drawn-out, louder eruption between Baby-daddy and Miss Strumpet, whom very rarely with what monies she has hoarded away; Miss Strumpet offers to buy dinner from Burger King and or her coveted McDonald’s.

A few concluding thoughts for February 06, 2017…

Baby-daddy has been surprisingly steadily employed for the past five years. Miss Potti A’s boyfriend got Baby-daddy aka Asshole a job starting as the Maintenance guy. Now, good Christ he is working with heavy machinery!

Does said factory work do Drug Test(s) of its employees? Yes! Absolutely. But consider reader(s), told straight from Baby-daddy and Miss Potti B, ‘everyone there is smoking something. Some are drinking while on the job. And others are just popping pills like breath mints, every day, all day.’

Desperately and always whining Baby-daddy is still employed at the factory.

Said Baby-daddy also trades and or sells with his employer(s) and co-workers whenever he has good stuff’. This good stuff’ at one time was Miss Potti B’s pain killers for her UTI. Antibiotics included. I mean seriously, why the hell would anyone want another’s Antibiotics!? F*cking Addicts. To each their own, I suppose.

Good Stuff is considered any high potency drug, especially Marijuana. In the case of said Baby-daddy, the good stuff’,  his sh*t is selling and or trading in any drug (prescription) that he can get his hands on. On the very rare occasion and keep in great consideration his friends’ at work are not that bright or much smarter than Baby-daddy. Desperate has repeatedly taken sh*t from the cupboards and or medicine cabinet and making, selling and or trading whatever he finds within his home. Desperate would never dare sell and or trade with his closest friend’ aka his local and very close, close neighborhood Drug Dealer’ with his coworkers.

Drug Dealer is any person(s) willing to sell drugs regardless of said drug legal status to others for a quick buck.


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