Another side-track if I may reader(s). A wish I have for myself that I could insulate my apartment in fresh air and sunshine and not that artificially created UV sh*t, but actual seasonal sunlight. Alas, this shall not happen. Instead, this Witness is imprisoned by questionable fumes.

And I can attest they are not all Pot Fumes. Oh no!

There is this skunk smell that I have identified as Marijuana. There is this fruity scent that has been confirmed by my other visiting neighbors, ‘to be Marijuana.’

Let us not forget those Godd*mned cleaning products that Miss Potti B implements when the cleaning impulse strikes her. Miss Potti B, ‘needs to drown herself and her apartment with whatever lemon scent that she can find, for a bargain deal, of course.’ Two, possibly three days out of every month, anyone passing Apartment ?? -ha, ha You think that I would tell you their Apartment number, I think the excessive lemon scent would be a dead giveaway. As for the remainder of the months, it always smells of cigarette smoke and or of burning, burnt Mary Jane.

Cigarette smoke – self-explanatory, I would think.

I mean this world is suffocating in some form of chemically manufactured fumes; automobiles and industrial factories. And our homes, Christ Almighty, we cannot in good consciousness, forget our everyday home burning fires. The cows! I would be a fool for certain if there were no mentions of the cows and their naturally questionable scent(s). I was flabbergasted to learn that my tax paying monies and yours included reader(s) has gone to the scientific study of Cow Farts and How It Affects the world around us.

If you wish to know more about this scientific study and its conclusion(s), Google reader(s), Google.

A concluding thought for February 07, 2017…

Someone, some very long, long time ago said, Seeing Is Not Always Believing. And trust me, reader(s) this Witness has seen and experienced some crazy, questionable sh*t! Not all my hallucinations arise from sleep deprivation. Oh no! Long term exposure and excessive use of cleaning products even with my two hands, the visions come, and they go.

Chasing The Dragon is the common practice of smoking Opium, but also any other sort of high-quality drug, Marijuana included, but is not limited to Marijuana. There is also the heated solution of Morphine, Heroin and or Oxy.


Luxuriating visions
While chasing dragons


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