A general understanding of the term Exaggeration, reader(s), if you are not aware, Exaggeration is the act of making something more noticeable than usual. I, the Conductor of the Delirium Train define Exaggeration as excessive bullsh*t of forgotten truths. And Miss Potti B has forgotten so much and or has a need to make herself more noticeable, important than she truly is in this vast world, called planet Earth.

Mind you reader(s) that from the first week after neighborly introductions with Miss Potti B and family, I have, and you will learn to ‘take detail and or experience with a grain of salt,’ or so is the saying.

Now for certain, this Witness can again attest to the fact(s) that Miss Potti B and Miss Potti A were introduced into the world of illegal Drug Use at such an age when neither gals had yet, ‘pert little tits.’ What the f*ck!? My internal questions and answers exactly. Who the hell talks about their breasts and or any body parts so blatantly? And what of Miss Potti A? How would she take to her younger sibling talking about her breasts or of any other aspects of her life? The answer, Miss Potti B can say and or share whatever the hell she wants of said family, with anyone who is willing to listen -ignoring privacy and decency for her older sibling, or of any other said family extensions. And many times over, Miss Potti B has denied every saying this or that about her only and beloved sister and or other family relations.

A few understandings of Miss Potti B…

1. Miss Potti B does not exercise. Being a devote chain smoker when not lighting up a joint or half ’cause she ‘does not need a full fatty’ to get and or reach her high.

2. Miss Potti B’s addiction is not limited to cigarettes and or Marijuana. Alas, no, she is also addicted to Frozen Cokes and coffee. Miss Potti B could very well live a short lifetime with only her cigs and cola. Of course being such a Good Mother that she is, Miss Potti B cannot just eat, drink sleep, live on cigs and cola alone. Oh no! Miss Potti B sharing another similarity in living much like her Mum, lives, eats, sleeps Fast Food.

3. Never tease about coffee of any kind to Miss Potti B. She loves her rich black coffee and ‘ain’t no who’s going to f*ck with her cup of daily joe. Brand names of coffee, Miss Potti B could give a flying fig. It is just coffee that she must have! The amount of coffee consumed in a day depends upon her activities. Mind you Miss Potti B was not part-time employed until most recently, so her previous days included and were not limited to; fighting with other neighbors. Bumming rides with friends here and or there -for absolutely something and or nothing to do.

There was a time when Miss Potti B applied herself and tried to get her GED. Surprise, surprise she still does not have it. Miss Potti B does not have a driver’s license either, or least she did not when I knew her last. Alas, reader(s) Miss Potti B is now in possession of her sister’s vehicle and is driving to and from work and ‘everywhere she damn well pleases.

4. Miss Potti B could be a lingerie model of sorts. Miss Potti B just cannot be bothered with grueling demands of exercise and healthy living to be that.

5. Miss Potti B, being such the expert, being such the young Mum she is, could write a ‘book or two about Parenting and just watch the cash roll in from her world-wide sales. WTF?! Let me tell you now reader if ever Miss Potti B publishes a book of any kind; I want to be the first sucker, I mean, I want to be the first in line buyer to purchase said book.

A few concluding thoughts for February 08, 2017…

Miss Potti B is not thee Top Bitch of this world. Christ Almighty, she would not even qualify to be Top Bitch of her home, at least while her Mother is staying there, rent free.

Miss Potti B may suffer Delusion Of Grandeur. Where in she believes that she and only she possesses superior qualities such as genius, fame, omnipotence, or wealth.

Is Miss Potti B smarter than Baby-daddy? Yes! Can Miss Potti B manipulate others just as well as her dear old Mum? Absolutely! Does Miss Potti B have her sibling bent over and … You bet! There is nothing, in her words, ‘there’s nothing she cannot get her dumb sister to do for her.’

Finally, at least for today’s daily dribble, I leave you reader(s) with this thought. Miss Potti B believes wholeheartedly that she can give thee best advice in How To Give Good Head to your lover. Do you remember in a previous posting where it was mentioned that Miss Potti B does not need to bother with foreplay before sex!?


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