It is nearly Valentine’s Day, and this conductor is so disgustingly reminded of an offer made by Miss Potti B for Blow’. What is Blow’, well dear reader(s), if you are unaware of Blow,’ allow me to give you a brief understanding of Blow.

For Miss Potti B, Blow’ is something she would never try! Cocaine is just too much for her. Blow’ is something that Miss Strumpet has had no personal experience with either, but she knows a guy who knows another two or three other guys that could get you some Blow’ if you want or need it.

Blow or Blow Job is when a man/woman is sucking the male sexual member aka dick of another man. How to give a Blow Job is something that Miss Strumpet felt very strongly for her bastards to know. Why!? In all honesty, I did not ask nor did I want to know the answer. I can speculate for myself the many reasons why men and women trade in Blow Jobs. Alas, Miss Potti B in one of our numerous daily talks felt it necessary for me to know that Mum said, ‘one day, you’ll find a guy. A quick way to get what you want, you give him, them head.’ Shut the doors, turn off the lights and light up a fatty,’ reader(s) I sh*t you not Miss Strumpets words quote, unquote and has remained in the young minds of her minions to this day. And keep in the back of your mind, Miss Strumpet said, ‘you give them head,’ not that she does not believe in marriage or monogamy. No! Miss Strumpet is just simply implying that one must screw whatever or how many a number of a**holes here in this world to get what You want.

Miss Strumpet has been confirmed at least once to have been married. Quite possibly there may have been a second husband. Most certainly in her life, there have been numerous friends and or boyfriends that have come and gone through her front door. Only one or two at most of her male friends both on and off any legal document have ever been called Daddy’. 

Would I ever take sexual advice from Miss Potti B? Question reader(s), would you want to take sexual advice from Miss Potti B? Please keep in mind that Miss Potti B has yet to offer Blow Jobs to her and Baby daddy’s dealer. Apparently, they have worked out other ways, means to pay for their pot when there was no immediate cash in hand for a small amount of Mary Jane.

A few concluding thoughts for February 09, 2017…

Blow Job is the sexual act, and yes, reader(s) Blow Job is a form of sex, blowing is the sucking of a man’s dick.

Fatty is another term for a rolled joint aka Marijuana.

Monogamy is the practice or state of being married to one person at a time.



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