It is Valentine’s Day! Joy! Jubilation! And to you and yours I shall share a quick love story. For let it not be said that Baby Daddy cannot defend his Baby Mama when the situation arises. Oh no!

Some early years into their relationship, the sharing of Baby Daddy’s apartment with Baby Mama, Asshole’, took his beloved to visit his drug dealer. Pleasantries were exchanged, and after some time of just visiting, some heated words were exchanged between Baby Mama and supposed drug dealer. Baby Mama herself had quoted, ‘that was a shitty deal that fucker was making. So I set him straight.’ And of course, Baby Daddy had to quarrel with said dealer about the fairness’ of purchase. At least this was the story told me by Proud Baby Mama, some days after the fact boasting about her ways ‘to make a real deal.’

There is no confirmation that Stupid’ and Asshole’ have the same dealer as before.

There are to date at least two standing drug traffickers that Baby Mama and Baby Daddy run to religiously. Religiously being that every Friday evening there’s a mad dash from Baby Daddy from his apartment running down a road or three to the current location of (new) drug dealer. And yes, this Witness has seen the dealer’s domicile.

We cannot forget of course that Miss Strumpet also uses this same drug dealer when she too is in a bind for a fix’. The very first drug dealer was introduced by Miss Strumpet to Miss Potti B and at the time, said boyfriend. Aye!

A story for later reader(s). Please do remind to tell you the Crying Saga of when Drug Dealer A was jacked’ of his stash from yet another Drug Dealer, B, who also lives in the same neighborhood. As this Witness knew last Drug Dealer, A and Drug Dealer B were residing in the same building but in separate units. Aye!

A few concluding thoughts for February 14, 2017…

Love is truly such a wonderous thing. Apparently, even drug addicts (lovers) are willing to defend each other when wronged by the(eir) questionable dealer(s). And did I mention that Baby Mama whined, ‘that no ones was going to make her cry, save for Baby Daddy.’ A fine example of True Love at its finest, would you not agree reader(s)?

Jacked is another term for stolen. There is no honor or sharing among drug dealers here within this small community of some several hundred residents.

Fix An understanding among Addicts and Sellers that when user(s) needs his/her stuff’, they go running to their guy’ and get their fix’ of whatever illegal substance they can purchase at the time of trading.


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