Christ Almighty! It feels and seems like the first day of Spring and what could ruin this beauty and quietness of this day, well, of course, it’s the Potheads next door.

It seems that Dumba** has not only forgotten to celebrate Valentine’s Day on V-Day but now that four days has passed since the official date of Valentine’s, Stupid still has not brought anything home to his Baby Mama. Not even some stuff’. Mind you reader(s); it does not even need to be good stuff’, it simply needs to be stuff’ and or something. As in, well Dumba** did you bring me anything’, something’ home?

Answer reader(s), no! Dumba** has brought nothing home other than his lazy self and grouse attitude and grouchy remarks. And why should Baby Daddy be forced to bring something’ home? Did Baby Mama buy Baby Daddy anything for Valentine’s Day? Of course not.

And why the hell should she have bought and or do anything for Baby Daddy? Baby Mama is a working Mum now. Working at her shitty job’ at the fast food place. And Baby Mama with nearly a year of work under her belt still does not have the first shift like she wants. Oh no! Whining Baby Mama is forced to work weekly at all hours of the shift her shithead of a Manager(s) places her on. Let us not forget too that when Baby Mama returns home from her long workday, she must find and or make something for Stupid to eat. Not that he could be bothered to make something for dinner.

I should make a complaint of my own to BlackFields Apartment about all this loud and disruptive ruckus and bickering among the Potheads. Not of course that Management here will do anything about that. This is another rant for another day.

Now reader(s) I shall leave you now with just a few thoughts and a closing poem.

1. Never forget Valentine’s Day.
2. If you and your significant other forgets V-Day, then you and or she and or he better be prepared to pay the price for such a slight.
3. Baby Mama locked F*cker out of their apartment for a good half an hour before finally letting him inside. Now how is that Baby Mama could lock Stupid outside, and Baby Daddy could not just unlock the door? In all honesty reader(s), this Witness is not certain either. Somehow, someway, Baby Mama wedged something against the door preventing Baby Daddy from unlocking the door and of course, managing to push his way into his apartment.
4. Baby Mama and Baby Daddy had yet another heated exchange about how F*cker could spend all day at work, not just working, also smoking’ while on the job and still not bother to bring anything for her. I mean what a selfish prick. F*cker could have brought the wrapping and or bag or whatever from the stuff’ and let Baby Mama take a lick or deep inhale.

Ah, love, is it not so grand even for Potheads?

And finally, my poem inspired by F*cker. 


Impertinent twit
Continuously squabbling
Pounding locked front door


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