Thought to ponder on yet another glorious sun-filled day, ‘Would Dumba** survive the SHU? More importantly, would F*cker even survive a night in county lockup? Finally, does A**hole honestly believe that he would be ‘making bitches of other inmates and not be the bitch himself?’

Sunday morning’s bickering has moved into its second hour of ranting and mad rumblings. And why is there so much shrieking and grumbling when last night there was a gathering of sorts with friends’ and family?

For the Potheads, the answers are various and countless, I am certain.

Now returning to the possibilities of Dumba** and spending any time in county jail and or state prison -F*cker would without any doubt, be the Prison Bitch. For Christ’s sake, it is Baby Mama who makes the Laws, the Commandments in her home. Mind you her name is only on the mailbox, still not on BlackFields’ Apartment lease agreement.

How could this Witness describe Dumba**? Well, I could start with his tall stature of nearly six foot on the dot. Alas, reader(s) he is shy just a few inches of the actual six foot dotted line. Baby Mama has at times frequently mentioned ‘that A**hole is short in other areas too, but when it’s a matter of sex, he can hit that.’ Aye! And gross!

Let us not forget for Baby Mama repeatedly reminded, that Baby Daddy needs no need for oral stimulation and or has the capabilities for oral satisfaction. No! It is a ‘quick hit it then quit it. Well, with some lingering grunts and thrusts thrown in for good measure, I mean pleasure.’ Again, aye! And gross!

This Witness has no doubts that another term to describe F*cker would be snitch.’ I mean truly why should he go to jail and or prison when there is someone else to blame and or offer up for a plea exchange. On more than one account of fighting, rambling and mad ravings, Baby Daddy has been quoted as, ‘I’d sell you out in a heartbeat bitch!’ Coward would aptly describe scrawny Baby Daddy.

So for now we have tall-ish, lanky and cowardly describing Baby Daddy. What else? What more could be said about him and or his mannerism. Oh!?

Baby Daddy is truly Baby Mama’s Little Bitch’. I do not think she was talking about his physical attributes. I believe Baby Mama’s words were, ‘he’s my bitch and he’ll do what I tell him or else.’ Of course this Witness left that subject matter and or any further explanation alone. I mean it is, it was never my business or need to know anything of their sexual activities and or history.

Baby Daddy if you ask Baby Mama, is slow’. Yes, F*cker is slow to learn and or do anything. Baby Daddy is slow to pay the bills. He is a snail when the trash needs attending too. And washing dishes and or doing any house work?




Where, oh where are we mostly likely to find Baby Daddy when he is avoiding any responsibilities? Well, of course, he is playing on his WII. The Call Of Duty -comes before anything. Well, no, let me take that back. Unless Baby Mama threatens or shrieks to the point of sore throat limits, Stupid is always in a chair and or sitting on the floor playing some sort of WII game. What a commendable thing to teach their baby boy.

Tall-ish. Lanky. Cowardly. Baby Mama’s Little Bitch. Oh and of course, we cannot forget snitch’. Baby Daddy would certainly be crowned that if such a pageantry existed for sellouts’.

A few concluding thoughts for February 19, 2017…

1. Baby Daddy will most likely find himself one day in county lockup and or some state prison where he shall be the Prison Bitch’.

2. Baby Daddy will mostly likely find himself locked away either in the infirmary for numerous injuries either inflicted upon of self and or by others.

3. Prisons have a no snitch’ policy. Mind of you course this is not written in any Prison Handbook, still the idea is there and well known. Don’t Snitch, F*cker.

4. The SHU’ is another place where Dumba** will most likely be found. And what!? No, WII!?

The SHU also known as Solitary Confinement is a form of imprisonment in which an inmate is isolated from any human contact, often with the exception of members of prison staff, for 22–24 hours a day, with a sentence ranging from days to decades.[1] It is mostly employed as a form of punishment beyond incarceration for a prisoner, usually for violations of prison regulations. However, it is also used as an additional measure of protection for vulnerable inmates. In the case of prisoners at high risk of suicide, it can be used to prevent access to items that could allow the prisoner to self-harm.

5. There are questionable effects/affects from being locked away in The SHU and is not limited to just the following listed here; insanity, paranoia, dementia, persecution complex, PTSD and or schizophrenia.

6. It is understood by the Prison Population and or Guards and or The Staff, ‘You Go Into The SHU and You’re f*cked.’ At least mentally, your mental status deteriorates, but at least in The SHU a prisoner does not need worry about being raped, jumped and or assaulted in other ways by other prisoners.

7. Snitch’, When Person A is more than willing, most eager at times to talk about Person(s) B, C and or D.

8. Sellout’, is a Person A is willing to betray and or screw over Person(s) B, C and or D for his personal advancement.

9. A poem, Tanka that came to mind last night, inspired of course by the Huffing, Puffing, F*cker.


Gullible damsel
Bathes under clamorous clouds
Some entrancèd swoon
Centennial snow showers
Mirages linger within SHU


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