A glorious day to you, reader(s). I do hope that some enjoyments were found among your Spring-like weekend. For me, I have enjoyed three long luxurious days of sun, warm breezes with no sight and or threat of rain with dark, gloomy thunder clouds.

If I may be permitted a few more minutes to ask of your belated holiday recovery and hope that you are fully restored to your old self’, whatever that may make you. Hopefully, you are have not over indulged in the sweets and or alcoholic beverages. Of course, a glass of wine a day has been proven to be quite healthy for the body and mind.

Today, I would like to speak of outburst(s). There is a variety of outbursts ranging from sudden and or impulsive show of physical violence. There are the silent eye outburst(s), where with only a look, you know to watch yourself.

I will not talk about natural occurrences where Mother Nature in her infinite wisdom and cycle can do as she pleases. That is an outburst and cleansing onto itself.

At this hour before (my) lunch, I shall explore the Cons and Pros of vocal outbursts, mainly spewed by the neighbors to the south, First Husband, and his Second Wife. Second Wife’s outburst would be considered Emotional. Meaning that Second Wife allowed herself time to build up her pent-up frustrations and now finally something has tipped her over the edge, sort of speak. Second Wife was so emotional and outraged, this Witness assumes for when Second Wife pulled into the parking lot, slammed on the car brakes when she sighted her First Husband, who was standing and waiting for her arrival by his dodgy pickup truck. Why? This Witness has no answer. All that I can say for certain is that Second Wife was pissed off.’

Second Wife: What the f*ck!?
First Husband: What? I wanted to help you.
Second Wife: You’ve never me.
First Husband: Indistinguishable mutterings.
Second Wife: What!?
First Husband: More mutterings.

This Witness says mutterings and or rumblings’. Sounds and (distant) voices carried are jostled through thick walls of cement and brick. This smart Witness was sitting on the sofa watching Netflix and blogging and still, these ears could detect and decipher some things from this loud and most energetic outburst, mostly by Second Wife. I say energetic, for she was very passionately vocalizing while expressing herself.

First Husband is very similar in action like that of F*cker, Pothead’. There is usually some sudden burst of screaming, shrieking from Baby Mama, Second Wife to move his lazy ass’ into action.

Second Wife: Why the f*ck!? You don’t help me ever!
First Husband: More soft rumblings.
Second Wife: You don’t do anything!
Second Wife: Don’t f*cking touch me!
The car door slams and there’s foot stomping in the hallway and the front slamming away. So it is just another Monday here at BlackFields Apartment.

This Witness does not consider herself a nosy-body’, but I will say for myself, that I just was neither motivated or concerned enough to push off from the sofa and investigate further. I have learned as so many other residents here at BlackFields Apartment do, we simply ignore loud intrusion until we cannot stand the bullsh*t any longer and choose to do something about the situation’. 

Second Wife’s final words before there  settled an uneasy silence throughout the apartment complex, Get the f*ck away from me!’

A few concluding thoughts for February 20, 2017…

1. Outburst(s) come in numerous forms as does the expressiveness and mostly impulsive means to exact such outburst(s) from self.

2. Do not expect your neighbors to turn a blind eye and or turn a deaf ear to your Public Outburst(s). If you impulsively rush into the matter, if you shout and or act out through physical means and you do not take notice of others watching you, then that is your own damned fault.

3. There is No Privacy and or Discretion to be executed by others, mostly by neighbors when you lose your sh*t’. You are standing out, quite literally in Public Domain and will likely see your neighbors and or some random twit filming your meltdown’, later to be viewed by others on Youtube.

4. Take a moment if possible and take your heated squabbling inside your home. Scream and blather til your heart content, I say. Just keep in mind that neighbors, some concerned neighbors might care enough to call the Police just to shut you up.

Whatever happened to parents fighting only at night under the guise of darkness when most likely the children are sleeping? Where is your self-respect? Where has the respect and consideration for others that include your neighbors, gone? Must we truly and absolutely film everything via cell phones then upload later to Facebook and or YouTube?

Aye! And Good-God, Christ Almighty!

5. You should avoid spewing your disputes with your significant other while young children are present. I am certain that no child wants to hear and or see Mummy and Daddy fighting. And no child certainly needs to hear and or have explained to them later that Daddy can’t get it up’, and or that Daddy if a f*cking, lazy bastard’.

6. Maybe seek a Marriage Counselor and or a Divorce Attorney to end your fighting(s) for good. I mean truly reader(s), if your significant other continuously reminds that you’re f*cking failure’, that you cannot get it up and or satisfy, f*ck’, then this Witness reasons that Divorce Court is exactly where you should be. Let us end all this unnecessary bullsh*t!

It was a lovely Monday morning some sort of picturesque scene straight from a postcard and or some scene viewed in a Romantic Flick and here you are with your boisterous ruckus mucking it up for everyone else. You are actually making Potheads across the door look good’ for about a minute and that’s just Delirious Shit!


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