Fall you wretched beast; set all your richly goods upon my altar to be weighed. If it is so approved, these lips shall bestow you a kiss. If these meager tokens soil my feet, then you shall be reminded of what the infernal little beast you prove yourself to be in my eyes.


Stupid’ has returned home from work and today, this Witness is assuming, I know, I know, When one assumes, they are only making asses of themselves and others. Still, this Witness can say with a 98% that Miss Potti B was not at work today. Rather, Miss Potti B has been at her apartment unit, cleaning house; doing laundry, sweeping her rugs and the hallways too?!

What the fried green tomatoes?! Why the hell is she cleaning the hallways? And more importantly, why has Miss Potti B and her mother, Ol’ Miss Strumpet each have been spotted vacuuming the hallways of this apartment complex?! The past two weekends this Witness has seen them cleaning the hallways and wiping down their front door. Right, as if that will help to clear away the sh*t that stains their door and or home.

Aye! And God Christ, Almighty! What are those other smells that spew from their revolving front door?

Scented candles? Some perfumed manufactured aerosol product of some kind.

Return for a moment, shall we to Stupid’s homecoming. It is nearly 5 p.m. here and the question on Miss Potti B’s lips, ‘What did you get?

‘You paid how much for this!?’


Even with my front door closed, reader(s), these not-eavesdropping devices can detect Miss Potti B’s foul mood. And do you know what else is vile? The stench that continuously roams about lingers even long after the weekend has passed, good ol’ Mary Jane.

Skunk’ or skunkweed another colorful term for Marijuana, has been purchased and or traded. This nasty little bugger has been lit, huffed and puffed and is now airing itself all around, about BlackField Apartments.

Ah yes, good reader(s), has this Witness mentioned that Stupid’ is only paid twice a week for his hard day’s work?

With this week’s compensation, Dumba** has already purchased some stuff’. Mind you again, reader(s), this stuff’, does not need to be of the highest quality. No. Hell, this stuff’ does not need to be good’. This stuff’ maybe just the leftovers’ from the Drug Dealer’s stash’. Good Bloody Christ, this stuff’ may even be just the residue of old Marijuana reprocessed, meaning frozen and crushed with other things’ to resemble a full bag and or joint of Marijuana.

We know without a doubt that Dumba** was so desperate for a hit’ one day that he was at that time, F*cker’, was willing to plead with his other neighbors to, ‘light up the bong and let him lick up the settled residue after sometime.’

This Witness pulls your finger not reader. These were the words directly from Miss Potti B the day after the incident occurred.

In actuality reader(s), if you did not know, much of the public is unaware, the aroma that skunks are well known for is indeed a spray produced from the skunk’s anus. This foul odor is a means of self-protection, it is a self-defense weapon for the skunk when threatened by a predator. This offensive perfume is a mixture of sulfur chemicals and other things such as Thiols aka Mercaptans.

This is now the stench that permeates from Pothead’s domain.

And now my Friday night will reveal itself as a frat scene of a nameless university where its students are high and lounging about and drinking. Couples shall be groping one another. Other partygoers shall be standing around munching’ on chips and or any available food(s).

Where is baby boy while all of these festivities are in play? Well, of course, their pride and joy is bundled up in his bed with his bottle, sleeping.

A Few Concluding Thoughts for February 24, 2017…

Hit, a temporary moment of satisfaction experienced by addicts from some sort of (illegal) drug and or (excessive) alcohol use.

Stash, is a term, an understanding that describes a secret location where one hides things and or valuables from others, including from members of one’s family.

Skunk and or Skunkweed is a term and or understanding for Marijuana.

Skunk is a mammal known for its abilities to spray an odious repellent that others find atrocious.





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