Ding! Ding! Ding!

Ring! Ring! Ring!

Whatever the sound(s) cash register(s) make, that is not important.


Oh hell no!

For Baby Daddy and Miss Potti B, it is that time of year, the year of Tax Return and already it seems, the screams and shrieks from Miss Potti B, ‘the tax return(s) will go for her car and not for another game counsel’ as Baby Daddy is loudly proclaiming.

Miss Potti B: No!
Baby Daddy: What!?
Miss Pott B: No! Hell no you are not buying another Wii!
Baby Daddy: Indistinguishable mutterings.
Miss Potti B: You are not buying anything! I have a car. I have exactly $310 leftover for my car insurance.
Baby Daddy: More indistinguishable mutterings.
Miss Potti B: What is $10 for gas!? We are paying for my car -that’s final!

This Witness had to close the door. The alternating berating, belittling, and badgering grew tiresome.

A Few Concluding Thoughts for March 05, 2017…

1. Miss Potti B will mostly likely get her way. After all, they have only her car. Miss Potti B is not going to live without a car.

2. Baby Daddy is a greedy, lazy F*cker’ according to Miss Potti B.

3. Baby Daddy is going to File’ the way Miss Potti B wants -her way! Christ Almighty! Miss Potti B has always done the Filing’. Stupid’ simply needs to follow instructions as he has done previously and sign where Miss Potti B points out on the Tax Forms.

4. If Baby Daddy thought he was going to buy more toys with Miss Potti B’s Tax Return(s) as he has in the past then is deterioration is worsening even more than ever.

5. When You File your Tax Return if You are lucky to receive a little small lump sum, what will You do with your sudden fortune? No matter Your decision(s), You damned well better check with your significant other first. 😉

*Note. This is not an actual photograph of Miss Potti B and Baby Daddy, but oh, so many times, Miss Potti B has threatened aka promised to teach herself how to use the handguns that Daddy left her after his sudden passing.



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