calm entity
releases bleak darkness
and wicked imminent dangers

MAN spews and cries
pleading on hallowed grounds
evading damnation of SELF


Delirious Thoughts from Madasahatter572 😉



3 thoughts on “DELIRIOUS DRIVEL #118

  1. I love the mystery of this.
    Here’s the problem with blogging – if I read this in a book, I’d spend half-an-hour or more staring out of the window, trying to invent the circumstances behind the poem, but as a blogger, I’m forever trying to catch up with my reading – and my writing – so I’ll never find an answer to the mystery.


    1. Thank You, Jane. I can definitely say that my words, writings are sometimes a creation well worth leaving as Unsolved Mystery. Why know everything in this world of ours, we can simply just enjoy the blatant beauty, awesome -right before our eyes. (@–>–) (@–>–)

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      1. I agree – the life of bees, the engineering of a feather… we can see them with our eyes, and have their details explained to us, but all of it… even our existence, is a wondrous mystery to me xx


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