Bustling buccaneer
boasted of billions
while browsing
bloodied, buried bramble.
Betrayed! Betrayed!
by boisterous beings
beyond his bloody believings.
Blasted Blessed Beings!
Bespoke of boundless bounties…
beguiling brutish buccaneer
bidding their business,
banished baseless banter
of said bloodied, buried bunker.
Behold! Beware!
Bewildered buccaneer
bellyaches of betrayal
bound beneath buried, bloodied bramble.


Delirious Thoughts from Madasahatter572 😉




3 thoughts on “DELIRIOUS DRIVEL #119

    1. Thank You, Ritu for the read and compliment. It has been some time since I have written, created anything of this clever length. Hopefully, more will follow in the coming future. 😉


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