Brighter Future (fundraiser)

Ladies and Gentlemen let us all take a moment and do what we can to help our loved ones and the loved one of the others. Anita Lubesh is a Great Friend that I am happy to support in any way that I can. I hope also that you will be able to help others in JustGiving…

As it Comes


In a surge this Christmas, I am working hard for up and coming events and, moving forward, aim to continue to make as much money as I can all for Cancer Research UK/Breast Cancer Research to help create a future for more people.

I am calling on friends here and the writing community at WordPress for your support and ask that you either simply text BGON64 to 70070(for those here in the UK) and donate a small amount or use my donation button below (any country) to give whatever you can to help us at Cancer Research and Breast Cancer Research.  As a breast cancer survivor, I can guarantee that your help is invaluable.

The Just Giving page will tell you all about my reasons and action plan.

Thank  you very much!

Anita x

JustGiving - Sponsor me now!

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