So here are a few poems not posted while I, Madasahatter572 did not post while on my holiday break. Returned now I shall post daily with some things old and some things new. I hope dear Madd followers that You will join me once again on this yet undetermined Madd Adventure that shall be 2019…

dec., 26…
(madd frost #26)
young women
by the Zozoji Temple

(madd winter countdown #48)

snowy baubles
touch her lips –
such decadence

(waggin’ tails haiku #189)

winter greetings –
in shadowy pool
orange cat greets tiger cat

(wispy wednesdays)

I spy with me wee eyes… 

canadian geese strolling through faux snow

dec., 27…
(madd frost #27)

anonymous traveler
departs from Temple
with a familiar golden umbrella

(madd winter countdown #49)

winter’s blossoms
tattooing her trenchcoat

(waggin’ tails haiku #190)

winter cat
spring’s twittering messenger

(trippy-tumbling thursday )

I spy with me wee eyes… 

winter’s calling birds in flight with moonlit blossoms

dec., 28…
(madd frost #28)

waiting for the dawn
sings a delicate flock
from beneath snow-laden branches

(madd winter countdown #50)

winter priestess
through the morning mist

(waggin’ tails haiku #191)

we artist eyes flakey sculptures as they drift down from damp skies

(frazzle-dazzlin’ friday)

I spy with me wee eyes… 

gathered assembly of three french hens conducting domestic issues

dec., 29…
(madd frost # 29)

keen tradesmen
eye watery cargoships
coming into view

(madd winter countdown # 51)

from her fingertips
icy blooms
brushed away

(waggin’ tails haiku #192)

winter dreamer dreams of spring’s watercolors

(rambunctious saturdays)

I spy with me wee eyes…

two turtle doves twittering into New Year’s Day

dec., 30…
(madd frost #30)

playing in the snow
trampling petals
happy children

(madd winter countdown #52)

winter sentinels
walk through a frozen field
behind their icy mistress

(waggin’ tails haiku # 193)

forest ranger digs for spring’s treasure concealed by winter’s snow

(collective sundays)

I spy with me wee eyes… 

single traveler wandering cautiously through rocky landscape

dec., 31…
(madd frost #31)

pheasant in winter
gazes at the moon
and those stars in heaven

(madd winter countdown #53)

frozen queen
gazing towards the stars
thinks about her lover

(waggin’ tails haiku # 194)

training squadron chasing snowy footprints in winter field

(mucky-muck mondays)

I spy with me wee eyes…

young panada preparing itself for the adventures of the New Year

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