In the chaos that is Facebook and WordPress, publication/posting in general, I, Madasahatter572, would like to take another few minutes to state that any poems posted are my own. Second, any pics and or GIFs posted, those are not mine. I simply search online for imagery to accentuate my poems. I understand of course there are copyright issues and other legal matter that I am naive about. But please trust me when I say that I, Madasahatter572, mean no harm nor disrespect to those who own said pics and or GIFs. I merely wish to give a general visual that accompanies any of my postings. I try daily to follow the guidelines when seeking out items via Google and or Thank You for your time reader and follower for allowing me this moment of self-expression, clarification.

To All those writers/artists/poets, I wish you much luck in your (ongoing) success. Let us All try and give a little light(ness) in this world of questionable chaos that is Art And Entertainment to others, for others. Let us be respectful to other writers/poets/artists above all else, and when in doubt, at least try and maintain some level of civility among the online communities that support and educate and encourage future artists/writers/poets of tomorrow. There is never a need for plagiarism and or other negative attempts to discredit and or undermine another person while he/she is attempting to showcase their talents and or skills of Writing and other forms of Artistry/Creativity.


2 thoughts on “PUBLIC POSTINGS

    1. Thank You, Mr Sock Monkey. I read recently that a writer/poet followed, she had to worry about plagiarism. It is a shame that the work of one can be so easily exploited by another for their own personal/financial gain. Writing, Creativity of any kind, I believe should be fun and exciting and not something to be pushed on by others because they are too lazy to work/create for themselves through their own effort. 🥀😎


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