butterfly collective
in a spring meadow
crumbles like ash

butterfly collective
hang from cherry branches
like silky blossoms

in a spring meadow
where a thousand butterflies dance –
gossamer-winged ballerinas

crumbles like ash –
a thousand butterflies
in a gaudy pile

Copyright © Dorna Hainds

Response to Carpe Diem #1690 Troiku Month (19) butterfly

Image result for white butterflies


  1. oohhh – the last line of the haiku – the “crumbled ash” is such a fascinating image to choose – it adds another depth and element to the “general idea” of butterflies … I like what it brings to the scenes you’ve created 🙂


  2. Again, many Thanks, wildchild47 for the read and comment to my posted poem. I am Happy of course whenever anyone finds something that stays with the reader once they have read my writing(s). (@—->—-)


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