memories of you
falling away like blossoms –
a field of flowers

forgive them that trespass
young lovers of this world

the days grow dark
never to see her again
sit here in dark

in the early morning light
sparkling jewels of the night

my aging body
this excruciating pain
I remain all night

count individual stars
twinkling in deep midnight

neither night nor day
between midnight and twilight
a bright shooting star

wish upon a shooting star
still lie side by side with her

a new day comes
sunrise on the horizon
searches for me

searched frantically for her
is lost in the mists of time

I am to meet Death
in exquisite green meadow
honored by greeting

painful this living has been
awoke alone each morning

pierced by morning sun
white petals carelessly strewn
in lieu of snowflakes

blades of green poke through the earth
shaking off silver dewdrops

beyond the darkness
this flushed body in sweet pink
nestled in petals

blossoms lolling in the breeze
event to be forgotten

tanka suite
Copyright © 2019 by Madasahatter572

Response to Carpe Diem #1693 Two Hearts Together … Tanka Suite

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