2023 AWAKENING viii

  1. moonlight
    over the doctor’s mouth
    fitted face mask
  2. soiled nappy
    darkness of a lunar eclipse
  3. cloth nappy
    to put it down…
    unexpected moonlight
  4. moon phases–
    folding cloth nappies
    into thin pieces
  5. lunar eclipse
    mum lets fly a cloth nappy
  6. lunar eclipse–
    the baby crawls off
    with a cloth nappy
  7. nappies hung to dry–
    strolling neighbor sees
    a lunar eclipse
  8. pulling a nappy
    from the packaging…
    a lunar eclipse begins
  9. moonlight halos
    into the hands…
    cloth nappy

2023 AWAKENING vii

  1. baby’s drool
    splashing down
    rain chasing rain
  2. waterfall
    the chore of wiping baby drool
  3. its mouth open
    releasing baby drool…
  4. waterfall
    a cranky baby
  5. raindrops–
    newborn babies
    still crying
  6. baby drool
    seen for a while…
    waterfall’s clearness
  7. spring rain
    airing out
    baby’s nappies
  8. baby drool a warm rain falls
  9. spring drizzle
    once again to wash
    baby nappies
  10. spring drizzle
    washing nappies
    in the wash tub


  1. moonlight
    dried milk lingers
    on my blouse
  2. lunar stages
    expectant belly
    that swells
  3. spring rain
    a shredder devours
    baby names
  4. a doodling
    of baby names
    steady rain
  5. moon at dawn
    expectant mother pulls it off…
    summer robe
  6. doing what she can
    to shrink her belly…
    bruised plum
  7. cumulus clouds–
    expectant mothers lined up
  8. summer sunset
    baby inside mother’s belly
  9. the warm weight
    of the expectant child
    summer sunset
  10. moon-gazing
    the changing phases
    of the expectant belly


  1. oatmeal…
    help yourself
    to the spring snow in my bowl
  2. bread dough–
    every child
    makes its own cloud
  3. sewing a fistful
    of sunshine…
    mum’s yellow scarf
  4. a fistful
    of squeezed sunshine…
    mum’s yellow scarf
  1. thick moonlight–
    expectant mother busy
  2. shooting stars
    milk drops’ pace
    down the bottle
  1. full moon…
    expectant mother caresses
    her expanding belly
  2. deep winter
    husband hears me
    ordering tombstone
  1. sweeping expectant mother off
    swollen feet…
    tilted moon
  2. rice-planting mother
    baby on her back sleeps…
    tiled moon


  1. full moon
    the baby sucks
    at mum’s breast
  2. thick fog–
    playing with her snot
    fussy baby
  3. baby formula
    a peak of snow mountain lasts
    for less than a minute
  4. baby formula
    at its peak
    snow mountain
  5. a quick look
    at cloud peaks…
    boiling milk
  6. cloth diapers
    peaks of clouds
    being piled up
  7. baby nappies bundled up in a scrap of cloud
  8. drying nappies
    as if taking a trip
    to billowing clouds
  9. fallen nappies–
    how quickly clouds
  10. billowing clouds…
    there’s no escape
    drying nappies


  1. in a shape
    of full moon…
    mum’s bare breast
  2. gazing at
    the full moon…
    mum’s bare breast
  3. boldy he graps
    mum’s bare breast…
    full moon
  4. a full moon
    in its grasp…
    mum’s bare breast
  5. hazy moon mum offers her breast to nursing baby
  6. hazy moon
    when mum’s breast
    is full
  7. baby’s giggle…
    facing a cool breeze
    straight on
  8. the feeling
    of a gentle breeze…
    baby’s giggle
  9. baby’s giggle a soft spring breeze
  10. gentle breeze
    a baby mouth
    is slighly open


  1. gibbous moon–
    baby on her back
  2. clenching a fist
    the nursing baby
    raising a day moon
  3. the nursing baby
    opens its mouth…
    an abyss
  4. snowball
    the moment a baby
    curls up to sleep
  5. sleeping baby
    turns so quickly…
    crescent moon
  6. moon sliver–
    sleepy baby
    holds a curl
  7. avalanche
    the flow of milk
    from mum’s breast
  8. avalanche
    breast milk flows slowly
    from the bottle
  9. steady rain
    water rushes slowly
    directly from the faucet
  10. waterfall hot water from the faucet