MADD JOURNEY – Afghanistan

Welcome followers; present and other. This is Madasahatter572 welcoming You to join me on another odyssey of Writing Expressionism. I have traveled via world-wide-web to most of the countries that make this World an Exotic Gem of its own creation. I welcome You to join me in this zany exploration of Animalistic and Natural Marvels. To kick-off our world-wide-travel, we will begin with Afghanistan…


centered –
zen garden
soft honey strands
transforming to long tresses of blond silk.



He was a magnificent creature with a pallid complexion stretched over his sleek, muscled torso that boasted broad shoulders. His biceps were exceptionally massive and his hands three times the size of hers. Just the power and the intimidating sight of him gave her a cold thrill. A humorless chuckle slipped from him as he approached.

She was such a short and plump little morsel with a beautiful and elegantly long throat. Never before had this greedy fiend bothered with the others about their throats. Oh but now, now his disturbing thoughts drew him to her. A moth to the flame. He had taken notice of her succulent, pulsing offer.

She opened her front door, scantily clad in only a black silk robe, and stepped out. She never invited him into her home.

‘Lover,’ she growled while raising up on tip-toes kissing his bulging jaw. She toyed with his layered muscles through ill, tight-fitted jersey. He pushed and shoved her robe off her shoulders holding it center at her back, dragging just above her exposed breasts. Her small, dark nipples stiffened. He groped her lush bum, pressing her naked body against his. ‘No one but you,’ he promises.

‘Liar,’ she wept while exposing her throat to his stained fangs.


‘You have returned to me,’ he thought as he watched her through the thick brush and fallen trees. Birch branches scratched at his face while he settled himself among this hiding place. ‘Good,’ he growled to himself, ‘excellent.’

Troubled by the squall, he felt relieved. For two days now he had been hunting, seeking her out. He had charged through gusting winds and acid rain. Nothing, absolutely nothing would stop his pursuit of her.

They pushed deep into the mountains.

Through the blustery winds, he heard a horrified cry. The freezing rain was constant, the cold wind gusting.


He pushed up on his toes and grabbed her face in his hands. ‘You’ve betrayed me.’

‘You cannot deny me,’ she growled, pushing him against the wall.

He pulled back, shoving them both through the door.

She raked her nails against his jersey, down his jeans. His breath sputtering out as she palmed his growing erection.