Bustling buccaneer
boasted of billions
while browsing
bloodied, buried bramble.
Betrayed! Betrayed!
by boisterous beings
beyond his bloody believings.
Blasted Blessed Beings!
Bespoke of boundless bounties…
beguiling brutish buccaneer
bidding their business,
banished baseless banter
of said bloodied, buried bunker.
Behold! Beware!
Bewildered buccaneer
bellyaches of betrayal
bound beneath buried, bloodied bramble.


Delirious Thoughts from Madasahatter572 ­čśë




fickle fledging follicle
flailing, flapping against frosts
floundering, flopping futilely
fickle fledging follicle
frenzied, feverish fool
frustratingly flapping against frosts
frantically feuding furious forecasts
fickle fledging follicle
fall freely, fix your form
flourish fantastically,
fervently underneath ferocious sun


fickle fledging follicle
flailing, flapping against frosts
floundering, flopping futilely
frenzied, feverish fool
frustratingly flapping against frosts,
frantically feuding furious forecasts
fall freely, fix your form
flourish frantically,
fervently underneath ferocious sun


Fretful Fiona, frozen in Fuchsia,
Frantically frees,
Fortuitously fumbles forced
Fiona forward, flipping floppily
Flexing fractured Fuchsia free.
Frown, fears
Fields fervent,
Frost, freezing flaring fireflies
Frolicking festive fairies, frozen.
Fuming fireball flickers
Fields flail
Falcons, Finchers
Flycattchers, fireflies fly
Fairies frolic in festive fascination.


Swirling smores in sizzling flames,
scheming Selena seized Sly –
sneaking her first secret shiver.
Surprised, Sly
swayed, swooned in further
slipping his tongue.
Shrieking Sela,
sulked, stomped her slippers
sending her smores into soaring sparks.
Sobbing Sela scurried
startled Selena screeched,
shoving smarmy Sly
somersaulting Sly into sand.
Selena swooped upon Sela
squeezing her scrunchie,
swiveling Sela rounded on Selena
slapping her cheek
stupefying Sly.
Selena shrugged her shoulders,
snuggled into Sela
sheepishly smooching another secret shiver.
Stunned Sly stammered and stuttered
sniveling about smores,
sobbing as Selena and Sela
slinked sexily towards surging shores.


Bella, the bejeweled ballerina
bought bangles – bracelets braided
with burgundy birthstones.
Binding her brunette bun,
she banged and bopped.
Bounce up!
Beats bop with ballet booties.
Bounce up!
boogie bounces.
Black swan
brushes back her beautiful bangs.
Bounce up!
Balancing bows.
Beguiling Bella,
butterfly to breathless,
boisterously begging,
bathes in blooming,
bloodied buds and blaring bellows.