First, let me say dear reader(s), i do Not hate snakes, but i am Not their number one fan, either. i can stand their swift and sometimes unsettling presence in movies and sly appearance in literature. Now with this stated, let me also say, dear reader(s), from a beautiful long and i do mean long, long distance, snakes can be awesomely inspiring. So now for my near-miss daily walking experience, enjoy these Haiku.

Topic of Haiku – (Garter) Snakes and Summer Grass

blade of grass
the rise and fall
of slithering garter

blade of grass —
it rises up
inquisitive garter

blades of grass
rising and falling
slithering garters

startled snake
in a straight line
blade of grass A

slithering garter
becomes amazingly straight
blade of grass B

tall blades —
bouncing and falling
garter snakes

*Garter snakes are a common species found here in Michigan, USA.

MADD SUMMER 2020 #95

good by my friend, Spring. until we meet again in the new year that has yet to be. i bid you farewell.

bien por mi amiga Spring. hasta que nos volvamos a encontrar en el nuevo año que aún no ha sido. Te digo adiós.

bon par mon ami, Le Printemps. jusqu’à ce que nous nous rencontrions à nouveau dans la nouvelle année qui n’a pas encore été. je te fais mes adieux.

cherry blossoms
weighs heavily
tangible fog

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