2023 AWAKENING xviii

  1. twinkling stars
    from the bottle
    baby powder
  2. twinkling stars
    goes the baby powder
  3. full moon
    mum’s growing belly
    nicely plump
  4. a clear view
    of a hazy moon…
    mum’s swollen breast(s)
  5. spring moon–
    where the baby
  6. watching the baby rise
    from mum’s belly…
    summer moon
  7. mum’s belly
    month by month swells…
    moon phases
  8. moon phases
    mum describes the position
    of the growing baby
  9. day moon
    mum’s belly
    refusing to droop
  10. hazy moon
    a glass of milk reaches
    full volume
  11. hazy moon
    mum’s belly
    in full glory

2023 AWAKENING xvii

*a bit late, but i just finally found some time after a 54 work-week(end) 😉

  1. spring moon —
    milk in the bottle
  2. waning moon
    mum slowly unfolds
    new nappy
  3. crescent moon
    folded nappy
    slightly open
  4. slight wind—
    the rush of wind
    through the toddler’s teeth
  5. feverish baby
    crying for hours—
    heavy drizzle
  6. tears
    meander down baby’s cheek
    like a river
  7. wanting to touch
    ripe strawberry—
    super blood moon
  8. laundry hamper
    filled with soiled nappies…
    dirty snowballs
  9. dry snowflakes–
    a flurry of nappies
    under mum’s feet
  10. straight gaze
    of cleaned nappies…
    full moon
  11. wispy fog…
    tea steam rises
    fading slowly

2023 AWAKENING xvi

  1. dribbling drool…
    from baby’s mouth
    cool drizzle
  2. Mother’s Day
    the smell of milk
    and baby powder
  3. sharing milk
    with the baby
    hazy moon
  4. toddler’s fist
    toward the sky…
    hazy moon
  5. washing a hand
    of grape jelly
    starry night
  6. full moon —
    sleeping baby curls into
  7. full moon
    mum doesn’t believe
    her expanding belly
  8. spring blizzard
    bag full of soiled
  9. spring flakes
    drying nappies
    flaps the clothesline
  10. distant thunder…
    listening to the echoes
    of baby fart
  11. thinning fog
    squeezed baby powder
    wends it way


  1. rolling thunder
    a flurry of baby farts
    felt in my arms
  2. full moon
    under sleeping blanket
    snoring baby
  3. folded nappies
    in neat piles
    snowy peaks
  4. squatting baby
    its butt prints hardening…
    mud dumplings
  5. spring leaves —
    baby’s handprints
    is something to cherish
  6. evening breeze
    baby and mother exchange
  7. baby rolls
    towards my feet
    worm moon
  8. wiping baby drool
    from its mouth…
    melting icicles
  9. sinking moon—
    sleeping baby sinks
    then disappears
  10. crescent moon
    newborn curls upon
    my knees
  11. excited baby
    summons his mummy
    clapping thunder

2023 AWAKENING xiv

  1. spring moon —
    full baby bottle rolling
    on the kitchen floor
  2. hellish heat
    feverish baby
    gets swiped
  3. spring mudslide–
    cranky baby
    poops on mum
  4. sleeping baby
    strapped tight into mum’s shoulders
    full moon
  5. full moon–
    newborn strolls
    through the living room
  6. NICU concert–
    are crying

*NICU neonatal intensive care unit

  1. baby farts
    flying with gusto…
    spring breeze
  2. scarlet baby
    bathed in tears
    red sun
  3. hot sunrise
    baby’s warmth
  4. dying without
    ever taking a breath…
    blue baby

*Blue Baby Syndrome

  1. day thunder
    the sound of baby farts
    not seen

2023 AWAKENING xii

  1. sickle moon
    sleeping baby
    curls out of sight
  2. spring rain
    counting newborn’s
  3. peeking at
    newborn’s sleeping head…
    hazy moon
  4. hazy moon —
    newborn’s head between
    sleeping blankets
  5. morning drizzle
    newborn baby with piss-poor
  6. moon-gazing
    watching closely
    sleeping baby
  7. powdered snow
    baby formula
    stretched to nothing
  8. dry avalanche…
    baby formula
    falling straight down
  9. blown away
    by newborn’s farts…
    autumn chill
  10. sleeping newborn
    with high fevers
    summer heat


  1. trying to read
    late-night thermometer
    wormy scribbles
  2. hazy moon
    spilt formula
    stains mum’s nightshift
  3. red moon
    how many berries
    stains baby’s mouth?
  4. wormy scribbles
    it’s sleepy time
    for baby
  5. thick moonlight
    between my fingers
    folded nappy
  6. lunar eclipse
    mum examines the position
    of soiled nappies
  7. snowy peaks
    the stack of nappies
    taller than the house
  8. heavy snow
    the slow accumulation
    of folded nappies
  9. baby’s snores
    merge with mum’s snores…
    spring breeze
  10. fresh milk–
    pouring into my glass
    thin moonlight
  11. pouring out
    fresh milk…
    thin moonlight


  1. rolling thunder
    baby’s crying grows
    even louder
  2. spring clouds–
    lined up in the pale blue
    drying nappies
  3. snowy mountains–
    newly purchased nappies
    all lined up
  4. spring snowballs–
    ball by ball lined up
    soiled nappies
  5. aired nappies
    the lined-up row
    of billowing clouds
  6. a stirring of nappies
    on the clothesline
    billowing clouds
  7. summer showers
    the baby pees
    again and again
  8. summer drought
    sleeping baby ceases
    to drool
  9. thick moonlight
    mum drops a nappy
    into the bin
  10. noon breeze a crescendo of snores


  1. avalanche
    a baby spews out
    baby formula
  2. waterfall–
    a baby stands pissing
    in its nappy
  3. spring river–
    where piss dribbles
    dribbles down
  4. summer lake–
    baby pissing a perfect
  5. spring drizzle
    from baby’s nappy
    piss waterfall
  6. summer drizzle-
    a baby stands pissing
    in its nappy
  7. sunny spot
    sleeping baby’s
    pissing place
  8. sleeping baby
    a sliver of sunlight
    beneath its nappy
  9. soiled nappy
    every one looks
    like a snowball
  10. summer snowballs
    nappies on the playground

2023 AWAKENING viii

  1. moonlight
    over the doctor’s mouth
    fitted face mask
  2. soiled nappy
    darkness of a lunar eclipse
  3. cloth nappy
    to put it down…
    unexpected moonlight
  4. moon phases–
    folding cloth nappies
    into thin pieces
  5. lunar eclipse
    mum lets fly a cloth nappy
  6. lunar eclipse–
    the baby crawls off
    with a cloth nappy
  7. nappies hung to dry–
    strolling neighbor sees
    a lunar eclipse
  8. pulling a nappy
    from the packaging…
    a lunar eclipse begins
  9. moonlight halos
    into the hands…
    cloth nappy