On this day of November 23, 2017, I would like to take a moment and say, ‘Thank You, Mr. Vegetable Garden for ALL that you provide. For myself here and to ALL others around this world with whom you share your daily sustenance, Thank You so very much for ALL your bountiful delights.’

nutrient seedbed
sprouting thriving greenery
under gleam of moon




Brighter Future (fundraiser)

Ladies and Gentlemen let us all take a moment and do what we can to help our loved ones and the loved one of the others. Anita Lubesh is a Great Friend that I am happy to support in any way that I can. I hope also that you will be able to help others in JustGiving…

As it Comes


In a surge this Christmas, I am working hard for up and coming events and, moving forward, aim to continue to make as much money as I can all for Cancer Research UK/Breast Cancer Research to help create a future for more people.

I am calling on friends here and the writing community at WordPress for your support and ask that you either simply text BGON64 to 70070(for those here in the UK) and donate a small amount or use my donation button below (any country) to give whatever you can to help us at Cancer Research and Breast Cancer Research.  As a breast cancer survivor, I can guarantee that your help is invaluable.

The Just Giving page will tell you all about my reasons and action plan.

Thank  you very much!

Anita x

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