Global Warming. Yes? No? Real? Fantasy? Regardless of diverse opinions, I think we can all agree that Global Warming is experienced by many. For better or worse, Global Warming is something that we must all endure in one form or another. So here, I shall for the month of January, share some of my personal experiences with Global Warming.

My home in Michigan is small aka I, Madasahatter572 live in a two-story apartment building. I still call it home’. And from the front of the window of my home, I have seen much. I can see many, many things. Mostly glimpses of this and swift flashes of that. So now let’s begin our journey together.

melting fast
under the New Year’s sun…
last year’s snowfall

Copyright © 2020 by Madasahatter572


So here are a few poems not posted while I, Madasahatter572 did not post while on my holiday break. Returned now I shall post daily with some things old and some things new. I hope dear Madd followers that You will join me once again on this yet undetermined Madd Adventure that shall be 2019…

dec., 26…
(madd frost #26)
young women
by the Zozoji Temple

(madd winter countdown #48)

snowy baubles
touch her lips –
such decadence

(waggin’ tails haiku #189)

winter greetings –
in shadowy pool
orange cat greets tiger cat

(wispy wednesdays)

I spy with me wee eyes… 

canadian geese strolling through faux snow

dec., 27…
(madd frost #27)

anonymous traveler
departs from Temple
with a familiar golden umbrella

(madd winter countdown #49)

winter’s blossoms
tattooing her trenchcoat

(waggin’ tails haiku #190)

winter cat
spring’s twittering messenger

(trippy-tumbling thursday )

I spy with me wee eyes… 

winter’s calling birds in flight with moonlit blossoms

dec., 28…
(madd frost #28)

waiting for the dawn
sings a delicate flock
from beneath snow-laden branches

(madd winter countdown #50)

winter priestess
through the morning mist

(waggin’ tails haiku #191)

we artist eyes flakey sculptures as they drift down from damp skies

(frazzle-dazzlin’ friday)

I spy with me wee eyes… 

gathered assembly of three french hens conducting domestic issues

dec., 29…
(madd frost # 29)

keen tradesmen
eye watery cargoships
coming into view

(madd winter countdown # 51)

from her fingertips
icy blooms
brushed away

(waggin’ tails haiku #192)

winter dreamer dreams of spring’s watercolors

(rambunctious saturdays)

I spy with me wee eyes…

two turtle doves twittering into New Year’s Day

dec., 30…
(madd frost #30)

playing in the snow
trampling petals
happy children

(madd winter countdown #52)

winter sentinels
walk through a frozen field
behind their icy mistress

(waggin’ tails haiku # 193)

forest ranger digs for spring’s treasure concealed by winter’s snow

(collective sundays)

I spy with me wee eyes… 

single traveler wandering cautiously through rocky landscape

dec., 31…
(madd frost #31)

pheasant in winter
gazes at the moon
and those stars in heaven

(madd winter countdown #53)

frozen queen
gazing towards the stars
thinks about her lover

(waggin’ tails haiku # 194)

training squadron chasing snowy footprints in winter field

(mucky-muck mondays)

I spy with me wee eyes…

young panada preparing itself for the adventures of the New Year