buzzing little fly
during rain shower
nearly detected

Copyright © Dorna Hainds


single fly
entangled in cobweb
can’t hear its cry

Copyright © Dorna Hainds


early spring
in the grass
amongst leaves
spun spider’s web –
mummified fly

Copyright © Dorna Hainds

Response to Carpe Diem #1756 Fly …


Fretful Fiona, frozen in Fuchsia,
Frantically frees,
Fortuitously fumbles forced
Fiona forward, flipping floppily
Flexing fractured Fuchsia free.
Frown, fears
Fields fervent,
Frost, freezing flaring fireflies
Frolicking festive fairies, frozen.
Fuming fireball flickers
Fields flail
Falcons, Finchers
Flycattchers, fireflies fly
Fairies frolic in festive fascination.

Jack and Jill

Jack approaches Jill,
“Damn baby girl.”
He rubs his chin,
Cocks his head.
Jack smiles at Jill’s busty display
And grabs for her ass.
Jill is shocked
She swings at Jack
Red lipstick grimaces
She searches for mace.
Jack waits.
Jill gives up,
“What the fuck?”
Jill knees Jack,
A brick wall
Holds Jack.
Jill smirks.
Jack cries out “bitch!”
Jack begs “please,”
Jill grins.
She bites his tits through
A Polo white shirt.
Jack swallows,
Black strapless jumpsuit falls
Revealing pink perky tits.
Jack grabs for her ass.
Jill steps back.
She grins,
A slap,
Jack’s head spins
Once more, Jack begs,
Jill shakes her head
Jill cups Jack’s blue jean head.
Jill swivels her hips
She thrusts
Jack is pinned
By a Chocolate Espadrille sandal.
Jack and Jill are thinking,
“Fuck me.”
Jill unzips his fly
Licking her watermelon glossy lips.
Jack sighs in great relief,
Both whispering “fuck me.”
Jill kisses his prick
While jerking his flaccid dick.
Jack continues imploring.
Jill hears his request
She raises her eyebrow
“Hold it.
I can make you erupt.”
Jack can’t wait.
Jill annoyed, assesses
Pfft, a young man
She draws up her shirt,
Jill leaves a frown.
Jack’s pecker drapes down.
Jack in shock cries out,
“What the hell?”
He shrugs his shoulders
He adjusts his shirt
And walks home,