Fretful Fiona, frozen in Fuchsia,
Frantically frees,
Fortuitously fumbles forced
Fiona forward, flipping floppily
Flexing fractured Fuchsia free.
Frown, fears
Fields fervent,
Frost, freezing flaring fireflies
Frolicking festive fairies, frozen.
Fuming fireball flickers
Fields flail
Falcons, Finchers
Flycattchers, fireflies fly
Fairies frolic in festive fascination.

Buzz Kill

Pig, Fuzz, that’s me strolling the streets
Boots shining, helmet gleaming
Nightstick twirling between the beats

“Wha..? Who is this before me?”

Platform boots, planted
Navy polyester swaying
Afro glimmering in the heat
Lips glossed, glistening

“Mmm, Mmm.”

Hey there groovy mama
Let’s return to my pad and catch a buzz.
Smirks, an angel’s laughter
Share a bong?
Chase the dragon?
Flat foot you crazy.

Lava lamps glowing,
Love beads entwining between our fingers,
Peace signs blanketing the walls.
Flat foot you barmy.

You wear a badge,
Following the law.
I play the skins,

Screaming “Free love.”

Free love, Free love,
I can dig it.
My handcuffs on your wrists,
Melting wax sliding down your thigh.

Copper, stop!

You bum me out.
You flirt,
You tease,

“Dude you are the Establishment.
I’m a flower child.
We will never hang out.”