fainting flowers
quivering lightly
the days grow dark

haiku #55

in darkness
the lotus flowers bloom
shade of whiteness
silently radiates
dragged into open field

tanka #54

under lotus moon
a tired ant drags its burden
night birds in wonder


beneath the moon
a tired ant drags its burden
night birds watching

haiku #53

a black crow
seeks to parlay with
young sparrows

haiku #52

this afternoon
green field is frosted with snow –
white dandelions

haiku #51

in early spring
visible in dark skies
in lieu of snowflakes –
a flurry of white dandelions

haiku #50

it is raining
in this indecisive grey area –
early morning

haiku #49
Copyright © Dorna Hainds

Another week of Awesome sightings for the week of June 09, 2019. 😉 



evasive action
avoiding bird droppings
walking city streets

haiku #1 

went for second walk
deliberately avoid
aerial bombings

haiku #2

walking in sunshine
Little One leaves calling card
under the street signs

haiku #3 

coming home
a fine chirping noise
from tall trees

haiku #4

suddenly surprised –
children flipping the bird
from moving school bus

haiku #5 

spontaneous sight –
spring’s blossoming goldenbush
along hiking trail

haiku #6
Copyright © 2019 by Madasahatter572

*Just wanted to take a few moments and share some observations that I viewed while walking with my Little One. 😉