Eric leaned in, his bloodied lips grazed Alice’s ear causing her to catch her breath. ‘Hello, Lover.’

‘Kiss me,’ she snapped. Eric grabbed at the gold chain around her neck, pulling Alice against him. His lips smeared some salty substance against their mouths.



Eric pushed her raven curls aside; he peppered airy butterfly kisses along her chin. He pushed the spaghetti straps from her shoulders, the dress falling away in a pool at their shifting feet, leaving Alice only in her cotton black bra and panties.

‘I will have you this night.’ He vowed.

Holding her breath, Alice submitted to his demands. Eric had immediately reached down to cup her sex. His thumb drew small circles against her panties. He assaulted her mouth again, just barely touching the tip of her tongue. Suddenly, he bent down and took hold of her thighs and tossed her back onto her bed.