in this green field
tossed away by school children
paper snowflakes

haiku #30

spring afternoons
infinite sunflowers
bursting open

haiku #31

city police officer
watching children
his hand resting on sidearm –
since the world has lost her way


dressed in white
playful children in the park
let them remember the sun

haiku #32

mistaken identity –
the discovery of a ribbon
is nothing more than a black snake

haiku #33

the birds fly high
by the dim light of the stars –
the disappearing sun

haiku #34

this green country road
frosted with apple blossoms
small grains of sunshine

haiku #35

taking a walk
suddenly rains down on me –
purple petals

haiku #36

snow all over
embedded on the sidewalks –
apple blossoms

haiku #37

a twinkling effect
blossoms lolling in the breeze
around dawn and dusk

haiku #38

stars of heaven
swiftly dancing then falling –
cherry blossoms

haiku #39
Copyright © 2019 by Madasahatter572

*Just a few more observations made while walking this week of 05/18/2019. 😉