In the early morning, while the sky is dark with rain clouds, a young child gathers her small flowers drenched in dew. Upon her braided crown rainbow droplets crash down. Ancient trees are unfurling their aged branches towards the sun. Meanwhile, other tree giants in a child-like manner are throwing fits of jealous rage shaking their muscle-bound branches. From outstretched black fingers, wet crystals are tossed everywhere. Startled birds have taken flight. In a state of frenzied laughter, the young ballerina begins her dance. All around her butterflies have taken flight, fluttering soft wings, anointing the child dancer in diamonds.

in her little world
prima ballerina dancing –
the sound of something

Copyright © Dorna Hainds

Response to Carpe Diem Weekend Meditation #89 Extreme Haibun … rain

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fainting flowers
quivering lightly
the days grow dark

haiku #55

in darkness
the lotus flowers bloom
shade of whiteness
silently radiates
dragged into open field

tanka #54

under lotus moon
a tired ant drags its burden
night birds in wonder


beneath the moon
a tired ant drags its burden
night birds watching

haiku #53

a black crow
seeks to parlay with
young sparrows

haiku #52

this afternoon
green field is frosted with snow –
white dandelions

haiku #51

in early spring
visible in dark skies
in lieu of snowflakes –
a flurry of white dandelions

haiku #50

it is raining
in this indecisive grey area –
early morning

haiku #49
Copyright © Dorna Hainds

Another week of Awesome sightings for the week of June 09, 2019. 😉 


buried in rubble
fainting smell of wildflowers –
despite adverse odds

haiku #40

this afternoon
taking another walk
after the rain
white apple blossoms fall
brings whiteout conditions

tanka #41

slowly falling
floating in the night sky
apple blossoms

haiku #42

a few white stars
falling down to the earth
grounded to dust

haiku #43

lightening the sky
some tiny grains of dust –
white apple blossoms

haiku #44

the lady in red
strolling along the green mile
finds orphaned sparrows

haiku #45

spring morning –
early field workers
search for worms

haiku #46

from skinny branches
suspended animation –
ruby-red apples

haiku #47

apple trees in bloom
raining down silky-soft tears
mainly white blossoms

haiku #48
Copyright © Dorna Hainds

*As May comes to end, Madasahatter572 leaves you, dear reader(s) with these parting thoughts. 😉