early morning rain
the dry sound inside the cabin
of oatmeal cooking

sweet and succulent this bowl
potent source of nourishment

flood waters crest
someone by the river puts water
in a coffee pot

during metamorphosis
ice morphs to liquid twilight

breakfast coffee
the excitement of an ocean
in my cup

in safe drinking water
colors of a rainbow

pale spring sunshine
spread over breakfast toast
quince jelly

golden-wedded couple
smiling at each other

beating egg yolks
two yellow butterflies
twist in the fog

excessive entanglement
the finest gossamer wings

threads of smoke
breakfast fires of neighbors
tied together

surprised, gracious welcoming
easy camaraderie

renga with Jane Reichhold
Copyright © Dorna Hainds

Response to Carpe Diem #1650 Breakfast (modern kigo)



first frost
when mums start to feel chilly
I get a cotton waist warmer

in the breath of a new dawn
white snowflakes dot my fingers

moon and flowers
the stupidity pricked by a needle
entering the colder season

in the darkness of despair
seek fresh sprouts of greenery

crane and feathers
in a black robe
clouds of flowers

dense monosyllabic shrieks
punctuate cumulus clouds

a traveler’s heart
it also should look like
chinquapin flowers

soaring into the blue sky
promising crisp golden leaves

slowly spring
is making an appearance
moon and plum

gazing the infinite stars
green flowery audience

moon past full
the beginning of a little more

shivering in dark shadows
young buds pregnant with promise

Copyright © 2019 by Dorna Hainds
tan renga

(C) Basho (Tr. Jane Reichhold. Extracted from “Basho, The Complete Haiku”.

Response to Carpe Diem Weekend Meditation #73 Renga With Basho …


Before I, Madasahatter572 post my daily poems, I wanted to take a few minutes and share these Facebook sites with you, my followers. Facebook may be in question and its credibility, but so far, I have found these sites to be quite genuine in their community unity. I know there are a great many Haiku enthusiasts out there. For the layman who just enjoys reading Haiku and its numerous forms, I strongly believe that these sites are for you.



mushrooms *
not yet that many days
of autumn dew

calendar days falling
splash into inky dribblings

pine mushroom
with its ragged top it’s
like a pine tree

a constant source of beauty
the radiance of dark pines

moon past full
the beginning of a little more

to the darkness of sorrow
submits the nesting birds

chrysanthemum flowers
bloom at the stonemason’s
between stones

amidst the stone quarry
fragile bouquet of beauty

glistening dew
not spilling from bush clover
still it sways

glimmering water-jewels
adorn imperial heads

morning glories
in the daytime a lock lowered
on the gate **

shading ancestral tombstone
a blanket of pink blossoms


© Matsuo Basho (Tr. Jane Reichhold, taken from “Basho, The Complete Haiku”)

Response to Carpe Diem #1555 Renga With Basho … still it sways


it is seen
in the papier-maché cat
the morning of autumn

dotted with morning dewdrops
highly sensitive whiskers

© Basho

with the autumn tempest
the small drum
falls from its shelf

flowery drummers banging
decommissioned shime-daiko

two houses!
two houses making rice-cakes:
autumn rain

© Issa

newly planted rice paddy
mingles with the wildflowers

© Shiki

when I go out of the gate
I also am a traveller
in the autumn evening

nightly shadowy figures
join walking meditation

© Buson

along this road
goes no one
this autumn eve

my feelings of loneliness
disappears into the wind

© Basho

autumn’s bright moon
however far I walked, still afar off
in an unknown sky

lingers in the dim moonlight
an uncertainty future

© Chiyo-Ni

Response to Carpe Diem #1547 Renga With … the big five haiku poets


all my years
floating in the river
a childish heart

settled in watery grave
my discarded childhood dreams

© Jane Reichhold (taken from our tribute e-book “All My Years”)

a flash of lightning:
the screech of a night-heron
flying in the darkness

lost in pandemonium
the sound of contentious waves

© Basho

the coolness
of the sound of water at night,
falling back into the well

as raindrops fall silently
living in solitude world

© Issa

autumn’s bright moon,
however far I walked, still afar off
in an unknown sky

directing from safe distance
pale moonlight leading me home

© Chiyo-Ni

pressing sushi;
after a while,
a feeling of loneliness

 swiping away foolish tears
in a moment of despair

© Buson

at the gate of a deserted house,
a cicada is crying in the rays
of the evening sun

disheartened countryman
embraces dawn’s fainting kiss

© Shiki

Response to Carpe Diem Weekend Meditation #57 Renga With … six haiku poets


One magnolia
Landed upon another
In the dew-wet grass.

heaven cast off white raindrops
an uncontrollable flood

Keep straight down this block,
Then turn right where you will find
A peach tree blooming.

the softest-sweetest fragrance
permeates my consciousness

I am nobody:
A red sinking autumn sun
Took my name away.

my stolen identity
lost in ruby conundrum

Make up you mind, Snail!
You are half inside your house,
And halfway out!

upon rocky precipice
sliver of silver shimmers

All right, You Sparrows;
The sun has set and you can now
Stop your chattering!

in the absolute silence
a wide range of thoughts haunt me

You moths must leave now;
I am turning out the light
And going to sleep.

beneath my sleepy eyelids
cherry blossom dreams flourish

© Richard Wright


Response to Carpe Diem #1532 Richard Wright’s “A Red Sinking Autumn Sun”