fainting flowers
quivering lightly
the days grow dark

haiku #55

in darkness
the lotus flowers bloom
shade of whiteness
silently radiates
dragged into open field

tanka #54

under lotus moon
a tired ant drags its burden
night birds in wonder


beneath the moon
a tired ant drags its burden
night birds watching

haiku #53

a black crow
seeks to parlay with
young sparrows

haiku #52

this afternoon
green field is frosted with snow –
white dandelions

haiku #51

in early spring
visible in dark skies
in lieu of snowflakes –
a flurry of white dandelions

haiku #50

it is raining
in this indecisive grey area –
early morning

haiku #49
Copyright © Dorna Hainds

Another week of Awesome sightings for the week of June 09, 2019. ūüėȬ†


Surrendered to your song
I drag myself from the shores
knowing full well my destiny;
lured by a fierce creature
of blood and war,
enticed by the beguiling
maiden of the salty seas
I drag myself from the shores
sing, sing me your song
lull me to sleep
let me dream as I lay
my head against your
glistening bosom
hearing not the rhythm
of your vacant heart,
rather the steady
churning of tides
sing, sing to me
mistress of Poseidon,
my night siren
this hollow shell shall settle
itself, a mere grain of sand
upon the ocean’s floor