105 Days And Counting

April 19, 2022…

Topic of Haiku – April Fool’s Day

fresh snow
after I see off
April Fool’s Day

19 days later
snow on the earth
April Fool’s Day

April Fool’s Day
snow accumulating
19 days later

grass buds shooting up—
colder than snow
April Fool’s Day

there are roses
where snow falls
April Fool’s Day

blooming tulips
the sighting of raging flames—
April Fool’s Day

snow falls
it falls rather than
April Fool’s Day

April blizzard—
days without
reading or writing Haiku

night snow
on the ground
April Fool’s Day

April snow—
the colors of spring
change suddenly

105 Days And Counting…

April 12, 2022…

Topic of Haiku – Lies

lies and truths
in depth of one day
snow accumulations (1a)

lies and truth
in the depth of one day
accumulated snow (1b)

colorful lies
as many as the number
of spring flowers

autumn deepens
so too
number of the lies

depth of snow
old lies come
in the number of flakes (4a)

depth of snow
all lies come
in the number of flakes (4b)

avalanche —
old lies
suddenly pile ups

deepening winter
their number increases…
old lies (6a)

deepening winter
their number increases…
all lies (6b)

avalanche as many lies as many old lies as new lies

*100 days, possible 105 days until my 42nd birthday. I am trying to see how many new Haiku I can accumulate before the big day. 😉


Chinese lantern
the brightness within
a bee

dancing under bright twilight
buzzing factory worker

flowers by the door
nameless except for the color
of these blue days

straining listening to them
echoes of soft monotone

sheaves of grass
water that does not break
flows in ripples

not lost but merely transformed
tempestuous blue waters

late summer grasses
above their roots the seeds
nearly touching

the faintest touch of pale sun
seeds the earth with its beauty

barbed wire
the best berry bushes

suspended tasty treasures
often difficult to grasp

in foggy moonlight
blackberries float in cream
her nails are blue

poised on the tip of tongue
taste and deliciousness

Renga With Jane Reichhold
Copyright © 2019 by Madasahatter572

Response to Carpe Diem #1735 Renga With Jane Reichhold — Chinese Lantern